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    Getting first "IN" and last "OUT" time in Work

    Hello Guys, I hope you could help me. I have table with names and time in and time outs of our employees and the corresponding dates. The excel attachment is the MIS report of the biometrics. I want to get the first "IN" of a particular date, and the last out of a particular date range, and a...
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    Why the short timeout?

    When I post a question, I try to check back every 15-30 minutes or so during the workday for any replies, but I'm always logged out. Why is there such a short timeout time on this forum?
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    Excel (VBA) to tries to pull data from a website but the page times out before it logs in

    Hello, I've just obtained this addon but it's not working in the sense that it won't log in to the website it was meant to. In the VBA the data goes like this: Sub logIntoCapsim(control As Object) Dim x As Integer Dim a As New agent a.visible = True a.openpage...
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    msg box that times out after 5 seconds

    I am trying to have a message box pop up and asks if the user wants to exit the macro. If yes - will end the sub. If no - will continue running the sub. If no response in 5 seconds - will continue running the sub. Thanks in advance for your help

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