1. D

    Spread cost over time using multiple dates

    Hi Guys, I am currently trying to put a sheet together that will automatically spread cost over time using multiple date sets. I have the formula working for one set of dates however some items need to be spread across more than one activity i.e. up to 4 sets of dates and i was wondering if...
  2. B

    Convert Cumulative Time / Time Duration to Text or String

    I have a Cumulative Time field that formats as [h]:mm:ss that aggregates time in hours. I am needing to extract the time portion to convert it to a Text or String value. For example, a cumulative time total of 95:31:00 shows as "1/3/1900 11:31:00 PM" in the formula bar which is not what i want...
  3. H

    Convert Text To Time

    Hi I have received a spreadsheet from a colleague which has the time showing as 1:30pm and so on. The cells are formatted as General and no matter what format I try, I have not been able to convert the cells to show 13:30 etc. I even tried =TEXT(B2,"HH:MM") to remove the am and pm, but this also...
  4. A

    Need to return earliest and latest time based on date criteria

    I have 4 columns, i want the first two to return the earliest and latest times from two other columns that have date and time (separately). I need a formula that will look at the data based on the date criteria and return the earliest time for that date and another formula to return the latest...
  5. S

    hh:mm:ss average problem

    hello, I have data that present at hh:mm:ss eg 00:01:52 but when I try to average I get the DIV error and when I try to sum it comes out as 00:00:00 I have tried the different formatting but nothing changes.
  6. F

    Flag shifts conflicts on multi-location schedule

    Hi There, I have been working on a multilocation (6) weekly scheduling board for 19 employees with some of them having different attributes (notary/supervisor). I would like to make sure the same employee doesn't get schedule at two location for the same time, but sometimes, employees have two...
  7. K

    Convert Time into number for Payroll calculations in PowerQuery [Office 2013]

    Hey guys. I am doing my first Power Query project using and have successfully transformed data are I wanted that I could not do in PowerPivot. However I need to convert the hours worked by each employees into Number so that I can take that number and use it in the payroll software to calculate...
  8. R

    Changing time to 7.5hour days

    Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to change times, such as 158.30, to show the amount of days it adds up to if the days are 7.5 hours long? Thank you
  9. C

    Concatenate Date and Time Fields

    I have date and time columns (start date/start time and end date/end time) that I am manually concatenating (typing) so that I can calculate a duration. I would like to be able to have a formula do this for me, but a standard concatenate doesn't work. How can I achieve this? START DATE START...
  10. J

    Finding instances between time ranges that cross midnight

    Hello all, I feel like the answer lies here somewhere, but I'm having difficulty combining the possible answers into one, elegant solution. I'm trying to find the number of instances that a customer comes in to when they leave. I am trying to find out how many customers are present during...
  11. M

    Finding Time overlaps with Multiple Criteria

    I complete a daily and weekly time sheets for each of my 30 employees. the time is uploaded systemically through our ticketing software by each employee throughout their day. I run the report daily and the time is then sorted by Start Time - smallest to largest, Date - Oldest to Newest and...
  12. A

    Working out Time difference

    I have the below that I am trying to work out. People have 15:00 minute breaks at present. I have data of how long people have taken. So want to know the difference in time against 15 minutes. Person 1 - 9:53 Person 2 - 20:24 Person 3 - 15:00 Person 4 - 12:30 And so on. At present I get...
  13. U

    Counting time from 2 cells if it is between a range

    Hi, i'm a newbie in need of urgent help. I have a data set that records meeting occurrences. The start time and end time of the meeting are in a cell each (Rows I and J in the attached image). I am trying to count meeting occurrences looking at half hour intervals. For example if a meeting...
  14. TAPS_MikeDion

    Google Sheets (Excel) - Always highlighted sheet?

    Would anyone happen to know why every time I go to one specific sheet in the Google Sheets/Excel workbook I'm working on, that particular sheet has all of its cells highlighted? I'm guessing it's something simple I'm missing. Every time I go to that one sheet, even if I click a cell to remove...
  15. B

    How to convert Now() to Eastern Standard Time

    Hi, I have multiple users across the US using my application and I utilized the now() function. So is there way to convert all of these now() to eastern standard time because these time stamps are saved in my access database. Thanks
  16. E

    VBA Target.Address for multiple cells

    Hello, I have the below code that works perfectly if you enter/copy data one cell at a time. But I copy/paste multiple cells all the time, at which point the code below gives me an error. Is there a way to adapt the below code to work with multiple cells changing at the same time? Private Sub...
  17. D

    Subtracting times, negative result

    Hi, I'm sure this is quite simple but I'm not getting it. I want to subtract to time values where the result (in this case) will be negative: Time A is entered manually as e.g. 13:30 Time B is a result of a calculation and shows as 16:00 The result should be -2:30?? I've tried different ways but...
  18. S

    Networkdays with start and end times on different days due to multi country shifts

    Hi, I am faced with this scenario where I need to calculate the number of minutes between two date & time stamps with the Start and End time in different hours . My scenario is as below Excluding Hours between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST all other time, excluding Saturday and Sunday and...
  19. W

    Calculating time differences

    I have a Start Time and Stop Time column in my Excel spreadsheet that is feeding the Power BI reports. Time is entered in military time, however I cannot make Power BI Calculate the difference properly when the Start Time is one evening and the Stop Time is the following days morning (i.e...
  20. B

    Transfer Data from 1 sheet to another given conditions.

    Sheet 1 and 2 are a Timesheet setup in a table. Table1 Sheet1 and Table2 Sheet2. Sheet 1 is the 1st 2 weeks of the pay period, Sheet 2 is the second 2 weeks. Formulas in the Table autofill in case a new row needs to be added based on spit days. What I need to do is copy data from 1 of...

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