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    Repeat Visualization Filter text if Id is different

    Hi, I have a table in following format Id Name Content 1 A asdf 2 A 4erwer 3 B rwerw 4 C 4353ds For this table I want to create a Visualization Filter, where Filter should repeat A twice since Id's are different. This Data is coming from different databases. So it is expected. Please...
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    Tips : Change Periode(yymm) to datetime

    I have problem when using period time like this : 201301,201302 etc. But when i using formula in powerpivot such as : Sales Previous Month, Sales Month last Year, YTD, MAT. And then after i tried conversion from yymm (201301) to date time (01/01/2013) its works. See the file for the details...
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    Apply Print Properties to all Worksheets in a Workbook

    Question: Is there a way to apply print specifications (ie. portrait, 70% size) to all worksheets in a workbook 1 time as opposed to doing it for each individual worksheet? thanks! Blue Rhinos

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