1. S

    Date Slider, Advanced Requirement, Question & Advice

    Hi, I have a bookmark that pops out for filtering a report. I already had a filter in there for a Relative Date field for Next 2 days, the reason being, this field filters the report for the current day at all times as our client works around the clock. There is a now a requirement by the...
  2. D

    Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates

    NOTE* Please skip until the next line highlighted in bold if you're not interested in seeing how my setup functions. Thank you! Hello everybody, I am currently managing a minor inventory consisting of 101 unique goods. Currently my excel sheet looks like this: To briefly explain the sheet...
  3. S

    How enable extended tips for own macro button

    I have assigned a macro to a button on my menu, but I can't find a solution to write and show extended tips. When the mouse arrow is placed over the buttong, only the same name as the buttong is coming up as tip. Have anyone any experience with this...
  4. J

    Convert numeric to text

    I have a value in a5 (82700000) Needing it to display in a6 as text 82.7 Million. Could also be 827000000, needs to be displayed as text 8.27 Billion I know it has to do with Len Just cant get there, Any tips or solutions are greatly appreciated. Jack
  5. A

    Copy/Paste to Add Sum of Cells Across Separate Workbooks

    I have a master worksheet which is generated automatically at the end of the week by our system, which logs tips and mileage collected by each employee. We have deliveries which take place outside of our system which also need to be recorded, but cannot be logged by the system, so they need to...
  6. S

    Subroutine Processing Visuals

    I've just finished creating my VBA spreadsheet and while it's very useful and 'a bit of a beast' it's not so impressive to look at while running. I played around with turning screenupdating on and off and either way doesn't make much difference so was just wondering if anyone had any tips on...
  7. A

    Developmental/Intellectual Disability - Can anyone relate?

    Hi, I'm AnyaK and as I often mention on my posts on the board for Excel questions/help, I am autistic with multiple specific learning difficulties (ADHD, Dyslexia etc.). I also have visual processing issues, anxiety disorder...well, you get the idea. I was wondering if anyone could relate to...
  8. F

    Is there an easy way to sort feet and inches?

    I'm trying to figure out how to easily sort feet and inches. Let's say I have a column with only feet.. IE: 34' 355' 154' 1503' 14' 6" 10' 7" 50' How could I sort this? I want to go greatest to least, and least to greatest. However, I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.. :( Any...
  9. B

    Increase Efficencey

    broad question but i have a report that ends up being close to 26KB and it takes way to long to open and function. most of the report is based off SUMIF statements, stuff like that any resources, tips anyone has i can use/check to try and make more efficient and shrink the size so the user can...
  10. B

    Tips before starting - how to display several data of one owner?

    I have pretty much only done one larger build with access. Now im starting to preper to redo everything, build it from scratch and make it a bit better from all the stuff i´ve learned so far. But before i start id like some tips on how to design the tables best. Currently i have quite large...
  11. B

    1 hour video on Excel tips & tricks
  12. S

    VBA Code Not Looping Through Every Tab

    Have about ~100 tabs here ... This code seems to only work on one sheet at a time. Any tips? Thanks! Sub CopyNameCelltoSpecificSpot() Dim ws As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets Range("A5").Copy Range("A46") Next End Sub
  13. G

    Tips, Macros, Loops to begin Excel Consulting service as VBA beginner

    Hi I’ve used excel a lot throughout undergrad and graduateschool but never knew about VBA until after graduating. I used a lot of powerpivot and VLOOKUPS during an internship. Also, I use excel quite a bit in myengineering position and started taking courses online to learn VBA. My dad hasa...
  14. B

    Excel Budget Planning Tips Please

    Hello, I am new to Excel and trying to make a budget planner. I have already created a basic sheet for the entire current month, a second sheet for Payday, and a third sheet for the following month. I have learned a lot of what not to do LOL :laugh:. Any tips or pointers out there to enhance or...
  15. V

    Adding Tips in a UserForm

    Hello, I am creating a UserForm to collect data in a spreadsheet and I want to add balloon tips to the form that appear when the the mouse pointer is over the field. Similar to how comments work in a worksheet. This is to give the user more info as to what is expected in each field. Is anything...
  16. T

    Easy...Simple....Can't figure it out

    Have this: A1=val A2=val A3=val A4=val A5=val A6=val A7=val A8=val Need to turn next column into this: B1=A1 B2=A1 B3=A2 B4=A2 B5=A3 B6=A3 Excel won't pick up on the pattern, any tips? Basically need to turn "X" number of cells into twice as many cells, duplicating each cell below itself or...
  17. C

    How to track user issue feedback

    Hey all Hopefully someone has got a good way of doing this that is somewhat automated or at least 'less' manual. In my company we keep and Issue Log of various issues. For example see below something like what we have. <tbody> ID Raised By Category Issue Details Reviewer Response Status...
  18. D

    VBA name new series based on variable

    Hello, I'd like to add series to a chart on a new sheet. The name and range is based on r, however the range works fine, but the name gives an error. I tried setting the name as a Range variable and as string as well, but no luck so far... Any tips? For r = 1 To 8 .SeriesCollection.NewSeries...
  19. T

    Formatting Question +0

    Hi I have assigned the following formatting (+0;-0.0;0) to display all minus values as -0.0 and all positive as +0.0 but my zero calculations are displaying as +0 which is upsetting my conditional formatting. Any tips for formatting type to display all Zero without the + sign in front Thanks Stephen
  20. D

    General Macro Speed Question

    I'm stumped on some code I'm running. I have two workbooks that are for all intents and purposes identical. I have a macro I am running in both of them that has identical code. In one workbook it takes six seconds, in the other 1 minute and 20 seconds. Does anyone have any general tips or...

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