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    How to Change Axes Title Color

    Hi People of the Internet, I am struggling to find the correct line of code to change my x axis titles. I can change the color of the values but I can't find the code to change the color Any help is appreciated For Each excelChart In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects...
  2. K

    Save in Title Bar

    I moved from a Win 7 64 bit office 16 64 bit install to a Win 10 office 16 64 bit install. On the Win 7 machine Excel would show Saved in the title bar after a workbook had been saved. It did not matter if I was saving the file locally or on a shared network drive. I am trying to get Excel to...
  3. P

    Problem with hiding Userform Title bar andCaption bar

    Hi, anyone who can help.... In a small application (Excel 2010, 64 bit) I nave some Userform and on some I want to hide the caption bar with the Close, Minimize, etc. buttons. I am using this code: and in the Activate event: It works fine - hides what I need .... The problem is that if I...
  4. J

    InputBox Title and text

    does anyone know how a can change to title of an InputBox and have the text that the user puts into the InputBox appear in a cell ?
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    Delete or hide the title bar of Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013

    Hi ! I need to delete or hide the title bar of Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013. Could you help me. Thank you! Ivair Claudio Ferrari Excelmax Soluções, Excel, Software, Simulador, Gráfico, Macro, VBA. Brazil
  6. J

    Change Title Bar text

    I use the following script to remove the workbook caption. Application.Caption = "" However it still leaves the following text in the title bar Workbook1 [compatibility]. Is there a way to remove the workbook name and compatibility text. I need this workbook to be compatible as it is used in...
  7. Y

    Double click event on form title bar?

    I am using excel 2003. I would like to double click on the form title bar to shrink the form to only show title bar. Double click again will restore the original size. Any idea with Windows API? I searched web and tried but it is not working. Thanks a lot.
  8. K

    title bars

    How do you change the title bars from the A-ZZ to actual titles? Thanks
  9. J

    Workbook Caption/ Title bar

    I use the following script to remove the userform caption, however, sometimes it decides to remove the workbook caption instead, can someone please provide a script that I can use to redraw/ show the workbook caption. 'Option Private Module 'Returns the Window Handle of the Window 'that is...
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    Remove Userform Caption And Make Modeless

    I got this code from another thread and the code is great EXCEPT, I would like my userform to be modeless. I changed the script to vbmodeless but the form is still locked in modal mode. Any help would be appreciated *** Place this code In a User Form *** Option Explicit Private Sub...
  11. J

    ActivateWindow "Internet Explorer" problem

    Hi, when I use the following script to change from excel to internet explorer or a similar script for firefox etc... it is removing the title bar from internet explorer or firefox, can someone please help to stop this from happening. ActivateWindow "Internet Explorer" I have tried the...

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