1. M

    Assign title and subtitle number VBA

    Hi, I would like to run a code that runs through all cells in column C (Title/Subtitle), Looks for the word "Title" and assigns the correct number in column A (Title), the number being integers (1, 2, 3 , 4.....). Then I would like to do the same thing but look for subtitle in cell C and assign...
  2. O

    VBA Loop Through and Update all TOC (Table of Contents)

    Hi just wondering does anyone have the VBA code that lets you loop through all Table of Contents in a Word Document. and update them. At the moment I am using this: ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents(1).Update ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents(2).Update ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents(3).Update...
  3. M

    Table of Contents - Keep TOC tab frozen

    I set up a table of contents because I have over 100 tabs in my spread sheet? The scrolling / tabbing over just takes too much time. Is there a way to freeze the TOC, so I can get to it from any tab without having to arrow back?
  4. S

    Tabs within tabs - table of contents

    I have a file that i need to create an interactive table of contents. However i need page numbers and subcategories. Each tab has multiple subcategories. For example: Juvenile department programs JDP1 JDP2 JDP3 Shelter programs SP1 SP2 SP3 I then have tabs that have no subcategories. I...
  5. B

    How can I add a dynamic contents page using VBA?

    I have a spreadsheet which contain data across 15 sheets and each sheets holds specific data and charts for all organisations within the company. That is used for creating a report and I currently have a macro that loops through all the organisations within the company, selects the relevant...
  6. Victtor

    TOC sorted alphabetically

    I have code to create a Table of Contents based on worksheets. Can someone please add code to have this list sorted alphabetically? Thanks in advance Sub tocmaker() Dim wsh As Worksheet Dim cnt As Long Dim doit As String If Application.CountA(ActiveSheet.Range("A:A")) > 0 Then doit =...
  7. D

    Select Worksheet and Hide Current Worksheet using Hyperlink

    I have a workbook that contains 3 worksheets: Table of Contents ("TOC") Budget Summary ("Summary") Project Details ("Project") I want to use hyperlinks/VBA code to select/hide worksheets from the Table of Contents worksheet. So the only worksheet that I want to be visible in the workbook is...
  8. Roderick_E

    Table of Contents Maker

    This requires 2 macros, one to make the TOC and another to create the link back to the TOC/Main Menu. On screen prompts help user. Will only consider visible tabs. Hide tabs to exclude. It's assumed you would use these macros from a QAT or a form. This concept has been incorporated into the...
  9. T

    Table of Contents from single worksheet

    I am trying to adapt the table of contents VBA code from the following article: The original code lists sheet names and page numbers from each sheet. I am working on adapting it to list cells from a column within one sheet and the...
  10. P

    Finding TOC reference Style in Word from Excel

    I have an Excel file that will process multiple Word files looking for comments. What I need Excel to do when it finds a comment is to search in reverse from the comment location to the first use of the style "Heading n" (could be Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc...). When it finds this...
  11. Y

    Creating a Table of contents with a page range

    We started off with using this code: Sub CreateTableOfContents() ' Determine if there is already a Table of Contents ' Assume it is there, and if it is not, it will raise an error ' if the Err system variable is > 0, you know the sheet is not there Dim WST As Worksheet...
  12. Z

    Table of contents with tabs with multiple pages not working all the time

    Pretty "Box Stock code" with change to what column it write to compared to original downloaded from microsoft works sometimes often not number of pages is wrong most often (200 -300 pages in total) Help! thanks Zen code--------- Sub BuildTOC() Dim wbBook As Workbook Dim wsActive As Worksheet...
  13. S

    Link back to TOC VBA

    Hi ! I have found this vba code which does a wonderful job for me and helps me a lot. The only thing I miss is a link back to the Table of Contents on every sheet. Can someone help me do it ? Thanks in advance. Option Explicit Sub CreateTOC() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim nmToc As Name...
  14. P

    Combine two TOC macros?

    Hi, I want to combine two aspects of some table of contents macros. I have used the one available on the Office site: Excel Blog - Add a table of contents to your workbook Which works very well. However, I wanted to add a feature that someone wrote on MrExcel that prints the cell A1 on each...
  15. J

    Table Contents and the related section's printed page number

    hello, I have a workbook 13,272 lines long. In one of the columns is the division field in the format "XX XX XX" where the x's are numbers and there is a space between each pair. In the next column is the description of what that section of data is for. For example: DIVISION DESCRIPTION...
  16. D

    Zack Baresse's TOC - is it possible to get more info on TOC index than sheet name hyperlink

    I am using Zack Baresse's Table of Contents index code (which is very very slick) but am in need of a little more information on the index page. Starting with worksheet 5 to the end of the workbook is it possible to add to the code to either copy/paste or create a link (which ever is easiest)...

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