1. kevin lazell

    conditional formatting

    hi everyone not been on here for a while and am very rusty to say the least i have 5 consecutive cells say b1:f5 each cell has a date in each date is later than the previous one when b1 matches todays date then format red when c1 matches todays date then format yellow and b1 to go back to no...
  2. F

    Is today's date <5 yrs...?

    Hi all I have a dropdown list to select a particular year - how can I add an =IF to check if this selected year is less than 5 years from the current date? TIA
  3. R

    IF with 2 conditions and 3 possible answers

    I have a spreadsheet with a list of loans. I want to calculate the number of months that a loan interest payment is late if it's not yet reached maturity, or the number of months interest was unpaid if the maturity date has already passed. And, if there's nothing late, then leave the cell...
  4. J

    Formula to Conditionally Format Cells where Planned Finish Date < Today's Date AND % Complete is < 100%

    I am doing project management and schedule planning and am looking for method of easily highlighting cells when something is overdue or soon-to-be-due. To simplify my question, say I have two columns, one with date's (expected task finish date) and one with % complete: (Example: D2...
  5. M

    Change Sheet Tab color based on date in cell of different Sheet

    I am trying to find a code that will work to change sheet tab color to red if a cell in a different sheet has a date that is less than today's date in it. Ex. Column H in Sheet1 has registration dates in it, Sheets2-30 have vehicle information in them. Sheet2 tab turns red if the date in H1 of...
  6. B

    Remaining Work Days for tasks

    How do I calculate the remaining number of work days left? Based on today's date and an end date?
  7. K

    Conditional formatting date formula

    formula needs to: compare date in one cell to that of another, and if that date is greater by 30 days than that date, then true. My previous formula was similar to this, but it just looked at today's date and if that was greater than 30 days, then it was true. But now I need that same formula...
  8. 5

    Filter cells and emial filter result

    Hey, I am hoping you could help me, I want to filter a worksheet on the name of a supplier(column C) and on todays date (Column T) and then email them columns C:T from that filtered information could anyone help? Thanks
  9. L

    Monthly deduction formula

    Hi, What I a after if possible please is a formula where it can work out how much money is left that month. I would like to enter an "income" (that is variable) figure in a cell and in a return cell get how much of that is left depending on today's date with any upcoming bills for that month...
  10. V

    today's date leave blank

    Hello all Can I have some help please on this I want to include in the formula below [IF TODAY() > TODAY () Leave blank [Range("C23:P34").FormulaR1C1 = "=SUMIFS(Sales!C9,Sales!C5,R21C,Sales!C16,R22C,Sales!C21,R4C3,Sales!C24,RC2)" Is this possible please
  11. L

    Return cell information based on today's date

    Hello, I am working on a staffing sheet. I have a list of dates in weekly increments going across row 2 (starting at M2 and going on to ZZ2). And I need a way to retrieve the number in row 54 that corresponds with todays date. The tricky part (to me) is that todays date isn't going to...
  12. J

    Moving Date Marker

    Is it possible to put a marker or line signifying today's date on a chart? I want this line to automatically move based on today's date =TODAY().
  13. P

    Use todays date when user enters time in Excel

    Hi, I'm not sure if this can be done, anyone have any ideas? I want a user to be able to only enter a time in a specific cell I wish Excel to display this as hh:mm I would like Excel to store this value as todays date, so if I change to "dd-mm-yy hh:mm", or measure against this value, it's not...
  14. J

    VBA Macro

    Hello if I use this macro it takes me to GP3 in cell A1 I have =TODAY(), how do I jump to the cell that has todays date in? <code>Sub Jumpto() Range("GP3").Select End Sub</code> Thank you Jason
  15. T

    Excel Formula - Find the next April from todays date

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody could help me with a formula to find the next April from Today's date? I've tried searching but I can't find a thing! Thanks in advance
  16. J

    Eomonth conditional formating

    I am trying to add conditional formatting using end of month. What I am hoping to have is this: Enter a date in "A1" Next "A2" has formula "=EOMONTH(A1,36)" I would like to have three conditional formats showing "Green" if today's date is in the preceding calendar month or earlier than "A2"...
  17. M

    how to get notification for multiple values when today date comes near by in excel by vba

    Hi I have some data with dates, I need to get notification for all work which are having near by today's date by excel vba for example if today's date = date then those data will be popup on screen this is my main file having these data <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Person Date...
  18. M

    conditional format date??

    Okay, I'm running a macro and part of the macro says this: tCell = Now tCell.NumberFormat = "mmm d, yyyy hh:mm" I like this because of the date and time stamp. Now that I've entered this macro, it has messed up my conditional format which colored the row if the cell matched today's date. Now...
  19. M

    VBA Magician required again

    I have had such success on this Forum that I will cheekily test your generosity once again! Each day I import several hundred rows of data in columns A:K of a xlsm workbook interspersed randomly with blank rows and I must manually put today's Date into Column O:O of each row containing data...
  20. D

    today's date match and return value of other cell without changing yesterday's match

    I have spent several hours searching the internet for a solution to no avail. I have an external reference (Daily Exchange Rate) that updates daily. I have a column with a daily date in each row for the entire year. I wish to make the cell next to "today's" date in that column reflect today's...

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