1. E

    3rd Friday of next month

    Does anyone know how to determine the date of the 3rd friday of next month, based on today's date? Meaning, if I have today's date in A1, and in B1 I want to have the date of the 3rd Friday of next month, how would I do it? Let's assume today's date is 4/26/19 TY
  2. N

    Detecting Date In Test String

    I am trying to use conditional formatting the formula part to detect the todays date with in the text string. All entries that are made start with the todays date, and due to it being so many entries that are placed every day it is a hard to sort thru all the new entries with the filter. So the...
  3. U

    Conditional Formatting | Color Cells Within Certain Dates

    Hi All, I am trying to accomplish the following: 1) If column B contains text and the date entered in column E is within 1 week from today's date, highlight cell in column B as colour 2) If column B contains text and the date entered in column E is within 1 month from today's date, highlight...
  4. S

    simple "AND" issue

    Good Afternoon, I'm having an issue- I think I've coded "AND" wrong. Right now, with today's date and time, the sheet is kicking a "No" when it should be "Yes" and changing the computer date to December (to see if it says "Yes") doesn't change away from "No" so I figure my use of "AND" was...
  5. T

    If and statement

    I have start date of month in cell B1 and end date of month in B2 for April and the number 1 in B3 I have start date of month in cell C1 and end date of month in C2 for May and the number 2 in C3 etc through to march the next year Todays date calculated via Today() is displayed in A1 I would...
  6. NSRaceway

    IF criteria is met count ?

    A B C 1 Today's Date 2 BMW London 2/11/18 3 Honda Manchester 4 BMW Liverpool 4/4/17 Required Return - IF A2 = BMW & IF B2 = London & IF within today's date -365...
  7. S

    using if/ or and countblank together.

    Hi, I want to create a formula for a spreadsheet at work and i'm a complete ludite, so need help! My dilema is the following; When an invoice is 15 days before todays date, I want to create a formula to say it has become overdue. I have done this by making an IF statement. IF(D11-15<...
  8. K

    VBA to find today's date and hide all other columns in range

    Hello,In cells J23:NJ23 I have dates. 01/01/19 - 30/12/19. I require the code to search those cells and select today's date. Once today's date is selected i would like all J23:NJ23 to be hidden apart from the selected cell (today's date).My finished product code would be to select today's date...
  9. kelly mort

    Delete cell contents if not today's date in adjacent cells

    I have a table in the range B4 : N1004 . Column E contains values and F contains Dates. And G contains values and H dates etc to N . I am looking for a script that will look at column F for dates other than today's date. Cells that don't have today's date, clear that cell and the adjacent...
  10. P

    If formula to notify when a date is approaching todays date

    Hi all My apologies, i'm quite new to excel formulas. I need to create an If formula in my training spreadsheet that will display "Retrain" when the training renewal date is within 7 days of todays date. I also want it to display "Not due" when the renewal date is either/or, more than 7 days...
  11. Y

    Select cells in column M, until today's date in column B

    Hello all, I need some help and i just can't figure it out by myself. So if you have a few minutes, please help. I have an excel file with columns from A to X. On column B, i have some dates, starting from 01.11.2018 (B2) On column M, i have some values, stating from M2. Please help me with...
  12. C

    Lock a row or column except today's date

    I want formula to lock a row or column except today's date with password protection. Example In A column I have dates and i have numbers in b column If a person click on yesterday date row or future date row or column the user could not be modified the data in B Row or column For any...
  13. T

    Group column based on today's date

    Hi All, I'm currently trying to come up with a VBA module that aims at grouping all columns whose date are past (against today's date). Date to check against are located in row 2 of Sheet1. I would like the macro to execute upon the workbook opening only. This is what I did so far but VBA...
  14. T

    Pop-up message when opening file when date criteria is met

    How do I create a pop-up that appears when a file is opened if today's date is beyond a set date of the year? In other words, when today's date is after December 15, 2018, the pop-up message should appear when opening said file.
  15. R

    Calculating the Months Remaining of a Contract from Today's Date ETF

    I'm trying to see how many months are remaining from today's date pertaining a certain number of months in a contract with a price of an early termination fee. I receive the date as this in excel in column B : 2/7/2018 20:07. I have the number of months as 48 in the contract, for this example...
  16. E

    How can you do that with conditional formatting?

    Hello I have a table and I want to conditionally format it. I want to make red the cells that belong to the column of the cell of the top row that is after today's date and only if they are above zero. Is there a way to do that? I tried to specify the top row but it does not seem to take it...
  17. J

    Formula to copy text from one worksheet to another

    <tbody> Account number Account notes 123 Account status updates pending review, docs due by EOW </tbody> Working with alarge Excel document with several worksheets (a new worksheet is generated eachday - each named as the date). Today's worksheet is 9.2.18 and yesterday's worksheet is...
  18. C

    I can't remember how my formula works

    I'm trying to add to spreadsheet I made a couple of years ago. I need to tweak a formula to put something similar-ish in another cell. I know what the formula ends up producing but can't remember how it works. Can anyone translate each of the steps in this for me please...
  19. kelly mort

    Scan five columns and delete rows that don't have today's date

    Hi, I need a script that will scan from E4 to last used row then G4, I4, K4 and M4 for today's date. So any row which does not have today's date in the said columns, delete them. I am stacked so I need someone pull me out. Thanks
  20. kelly mort

    Delete entire row if dates are 15 days older than today's

    Hi, I have been searching the web for some days now and can't figure out the exact code I need. I want to delete all rows with dates in column B that are older than today's date. Thank you in advance

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