1. P

    Scroll down to today's date

    Hi, I'm using the following script from another thread to try to have my worksheet (sheet1) scroll down to the row containing today's date on opening. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Select x = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy") On Error Resume Next...
  2. L

    Macro-Delete/clear contents on other columns if past today's date

    Hello there, Looking for assistance. I'm attempting to see if a macro can be created to clear encumbrances on our account reconciliations. On this sheet, we have column F which contains biweekly payroll dates. Then Column G, H, I are calculations made by our team of employee's salaries, ERE...
  3. M

    VBA Loop. Putting today's date into cell if certain conditions are met

    I am trying to write a script that will do the following: Check to see if column N is empty. If column N isn't empty then go onto the next row. If it is empty then check to see if Column F contains the word "January". If Column F contains that word then put today's date into Column N. Check to...
  4. F

    AutoFilter to Today's Date

    I am trying to help provide a solution to Forum Post titled: "If column cells certain values, read name and vlookup in another sheet for email" I have worked back and forth with the requestor and had a solution that met his initial criteria. In his last request he is wanting to Filter the data...
  5. P


    Hi can any help with a formula to highlight text within a range that is equal to todays date eg Range H4:N9 todays date is 28th Jan so the value in cell N8 (28) is auto highlighted in red <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:1097; width:23pt" span="7" width="30">...
  6. J

    Entering Today's Date based on values in two different cells (VBA)

    Hello, I want to create code where IF cells in Column A are populated & Column I are not populated insert today's date into Column I. I do not want a set range (i.e. A1:A100) as my spreadsheet will continue to increase over time. Thank you in advance! Jay
  7. X

    VBA: loop funtion to find data based on cell value and transpose a range then continue

    I have a range of data emp number, last name, first name, total minutes, coach and date, there is up to 100 rows as we pull this information daily. I need to be able to compare the date to today's date then copy the first and last name of each employee when the date column equals today's date on...
  8. P

    If Today Formula Assistance

    Using Microsoft Office Excel Professional Plus 2016. I am attempting to create an IF TODAY formula that will recognize today's date within a range of cells, and if true, will shows the contents of the adjacent cell next to the cell that contains today's date, regardless of where in the range...
  9. W

    How to get cursor location to open on a specific cell adjacent to todays date

    Hi Guys, I have a question, i have a time card with dates in column C, with the dates of the month filled in each row (example: C1=1/1/18, C2=1/2/18, C3=1/3/18, etc... Can i have a workbook_open code so that it searches that column or range (C1-C50) for todays date and then puts the cursor...
  10. D

    How to make textjoin a drop down box instead?

    First off, I have found this board very helpful and want to thank everyone for that. I also thank you in advance for help with this new issue. So in order to keep our Work In Progess (WIP) tracking accurate, I'm having the users record activities. These activities are dated by the user and...
  11. T

    VBA code to copy/paste worksheet to new workbook

    Hi, I am looking to copy a worksheet in workbook1 to a named workbook before all other tabs AND name that tab with today's date. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. :confused::confused::confused:
  12. S

    Finding The Average of a Column of Dates to Today's Date

    I have a column with a wide range of dates which I would like the average of all of those dates to Today's Date. Is that possible? Thank you in advance! i.e. Column A 10/21/2017 10/20/2017 8/1/2017 The average would be approx. 47 days
  13. E

    Conditional Formatting from current date

    Hi, I am looking for a way to notify me of any date that exceeds todays date by 2 days If at all possible I would like week days only, but not sure if this is too complicated Many thanks
  14. P

    Hyperlink to another column after lookup?

    I have created a link to today's date on a table of timesheet data. I need the formula to take me to the cell to the right (Column E) when I click on the link, but right now it brings me to the date cell. How do I fix the formula? (Go_To_Today is a defined name for the lookup for the date)...
  15. C

    Instring Search to Return whole Line

    Hi There, I have all text in a cell example Cell A1 Today is hot Last week was cold Today's weather is 18 Next week is 20 I need a VBA code that searches the cell via instring search for example searches "Today's weather" and will return the whole line "Today's weather is 18" which then i will...
  16. T

    Macro to copy active sheet and rename as date

    Hi Everyone, OK so I want a macro that when I run it it copies the active sheet but removes all the formulas and saves as values, Then renames the copied Sheet to "Bookings" and todays date. without changing the original sheet then I want it to Place in Cell D3 "Ordered" and todays date...
  17. D

    Data missing when filtering

    I have data in a spreadsheet that appears to be missing when I attempt to filter it. For example I have the data for month of September open and am viewing todays data but when I go to filter to only show me todays data the current month is not even an option for me to filter nor are the...
  18. M

    Saving File With today's Date

    Morning all, I created this macro to save my file to a specific folder and use todays date within the file name and it worked great in my test spreadsheet but when I tried to transfer the code across to my user spreadsheet it returns a problem which is. compile error: wrong number of arguments...
  19. N

    Calculation between percentage and time

    Hi, I need to calculate a current progress review based on dates and the current time. I have 5 columns (C,D,E, G and H). C = Progress, a value between 0 and 100. D = A target value (see below) E = Variance (Difference between the target and the current). G = Start Date H = Due Date C12 - I...
  20. ADAMC

    Nested if formula

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me with a formula please I cannot get my head around it so its best to write it in words: It is so difficult to explain my actual spreadsheet but here goes: The formula would be filled down the column starting in O2 If the date in E2 IS LESS THAN OR EQUAL...

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