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  1. A

    Layered Toggle Buttons

    Can two separate toggle buttons cover a similar range? Let me explain... Essentially I want them to work together very similar to a file tree Category 1 Child category 1 Data Data Data Child category 2 Data Data Category 2 First I placed all...
  2. S

    hide button for rows based on cell value

    hello everyone, i need a button that hides and unhides rows based on cell value of the column (No. Date) if the date is more than 6 days ago it becomes hidden, and whats left is the recent ones which are this week. but i can hide and unhide it whenever i want that’s important it’s important...
  3. S

    toggle button to hide columns

    i have this toggle button code that hides and unhides for me column E and D but now i want to also hide column P at the same time with them but without hididing the columns between them i just want to hide E,D,P i use this code but i’m writing this on my phone but just to get an idea private...
  4. T

    ToggleButton hide columns under conditions

    Hi all, I have the code below now, but when I manually hide a column (for example column C) and use the toggle button twice, column C is visible again and I want it to stay hidden. Is there a possibility to do that? Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Dim xAddress As String xAddress = "A:Z" If...
  5. S

    Create a ToggleButton

    I believe I would like to create a ToggleButton. With my limited development background, I believe I want to layer an invisible togglebutton over a cell, so that the user, when they click on the cell will change the visual properties between three states: TRUE - green background with...
  6. C

    Using Shapes as Toggle Buttons

    This is originally asked on here is the link: The goal is to have about 20 shapes that are tied to each other, where if you select one "On" you can choose which shapes are...
  7. M

    Spin Button VBA

    Hi I would like toggle using a spin button left and right through cells I15, AN15, BP15, CU15, DY15, FD15, GH15, HM15, IR15, JV15, LA15, ME15. Please advise EDIT: I need help to toggle through rages using a spin button left and right. I15:AN14, AN15:BP14, BP15:CU14, CU15:DY14, DY15:FD14...
  8. DDRA Steampunk

    Am I using too many arrays?

    Solved right after initial post (by experimenting). :stickouttounge: I need to autohide a crazy huge number of rows in one sheet, it currently has 9 sub tables (see Sample 2), and may need 11. Page not included because it's about 10 paper sheets long. Trying to get all arrays on one toggle...
  9. A

    Hide/Unhide toggle button which changes colour and text in vba

    Hello I've been trying to write some VBA to set up a toggle button to hide multiple predefined columns. I initially managed to define the code for the hide/unhide toggle and attached this to a shape I then wanted a toggle button which would then change the colour of the button and text...
  10. DDRA Steampunk

    How would I combine button 1 and 2? Can I use a With?

    I know I can combine more than one function on a button (as I have on each of these buttons), but I had no luck trying to combine the 2 buttons into 1. Seems like I should be able to do it with a "With" but I can't seem to make it work. I think it must have something to do with where I place the...
  11. A

    Display only columns with certain text

    Hi all, Please teach me how I can display only columns with certain text in Excel 2007? There are a lot of help on filtering rows but I am hoping to create either a toggle button or set up a reference cell (say "B4") along with a VBA to display columns with selected days only. For example...
  12. N

    VBA Toggle Button to change functionality

    Hello, I am working on creating a toggle button for a complicated spreadsheet. What is supposed to happen is when the toggle is pressed a formula is supposed to drive 4 investment levels keeping all four at the same ratio as when the toggle was pressed. When the toggle is released, the...
  13. K

    Using a Toggle Buttons to Hide Rows Based of a Value or Text in a Column

    I am trying to use macros to hide certain rows based on a value of a column which is usually a text value. I am planning a using multiple toggle buttons to hides rows that don't meet each criteria. I am kinda lost on how to begin any help and advice to get me through this would be greatly...
  14. L

    Several Toggle Buttons with same Macros

    Hi I have created a code for a Toggle button. However I need 50+ toggle buttons in the file with the same code. Please, see the code below. Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then ToggleButton1.Value. Caption = "Include" Range ("I5"). Value = 1 Else...
  15. F

    How to link Toggle Button name to Value in Excel Worksheet

    First time post... so be easy on me. I've entered a user form toggle button and now I need to link the name of this toggle button to a cell value within the worksheet the form will be placed. The cell value will change dependent on other slicers the user selects, so I need the toggle button...
  16. R

    Remove VBA loop on all worksheets.

    Can anyone help me with a simple problem. I don't know much about VBA but can tweak code I find online to do some applications. I want to use a toggle button to hide a range, but only do this on the worksheet that the toggle button is active on. The code I found on-line is for all worksheets...
  17. E

    Toggle button for hide/unhide columns

    Hi, I have a task for my student project in front of me that I need to do.. I have looked in all kind of forums but unfortunately I had no chance finding the solution for my problem.. Being a absolute beginner in Excel I need someone to help me. I use Excel 2010 and I need to do next task.. I...
  18. D

    Toggle Unhide rows but wants to prompt a password to use

    I want to be able show a prompt to add in the password before being able to do the actions below. Private SubToggleButton2_Click() If ToggleButton2Then ActiveSheet.UnprotectPassword ToggleButton2.ForeColor = RGB(0, 0, 0) ToggleButton2.Font.Bold = False ToggleButton2.Caption...
  19. C

    VBA Toggle button to remove shapes on worksheet.

    Hello. I have a number of shapes on my worksheet (text boxes, arrows and so on). I am trying to create a button that when pressed will hide (visible =false) the shapes on the worksheet. And when pressed again will show the shapes again. Can someone help me with that? Thanks
  20. O

    Clear Form and Reset Toggles on Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to reset/clear multiple sheets in an excel document as well as resetting the toggle buttons to "True". I can get the information to clear from all sheets and the toggles to reset on the active sheet but can't get the toggles from the 2 others sheets to reset. My clear button is on...

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