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    Clear Form and Reset Toggles on Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to reset/clear multiple sheets in an excel document as well as resetting the toggle buttons to "True". I can get the information to clear from all sheets and the toggles to reset on the active sheet but can't get the toggles from the 2 others sheets to reset. My clear button is on...
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    Toggle Button UI Ribbon

    Hi, I have added a toggle button to my custom Tab. The toggle is intended to Show/Hide a Column in the active sheet. The button works fine, but my problem is when the user saves and closes the spreadsheet. After re-opening the spreadsheet the toggle button is switched off (Not highlighted)...
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    Toggle Button to Format Cells

    Hi All, I am trying to code a toggle button to format a block of cells. Because I can only hide entire rows or columns, I am trying to just format the block of cells as ;;; so that the contents are hidden instead. If anyone can give me some code to do this, and show how to specify the cells...
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    [QUESTION] VBA CODE HELP: Only one toggle button to unhide one row at a time (there are 20 rows, but don't want them all unhidden at once)

    Hi, I have be looking all over the internet trying to find out who on earth figured this out. I don't know what to call this process or what others are calling it to effectively find the answer. I thought using keywords like: looping, repeat, one row at a time, continuous, and continuously...
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    Automatically Hiding Columns Based on relative cell value

    Hi there - using excel 10 on windows 7. I am relatively proficient in general excel use but completely lost when it comes to VBA. I have come across a number of answers to parts of this and have tried for several hours to get it working but to no avail and so would apprecaite any help given I...
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    Display or hide chart using toggle button

    Hi, I am trying to insert a toggle or command button that will show and hide a chart that is on a different sheet in the same workbook. I have used the below command button to achieve this with a chart on the same worksheet. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() If Me.ChartObjects("Chart...
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    Compacting Verbose Script

    I have a simple conversion script below that converts pressure from psi to kpa and flow from gpm to lpm. It is triggered from a shape I linked to the macro Toggle_Clickwtext(). This code is very long winded, but gets the job done. In an effort to sharpen my skills and create better and more...
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    Toggle Button Password Protected Sheet

    Hello, I'm trying to use a toggle button to protect and unprotect a worksheet. I have this code Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() If ActiveSheet.ProtectContents = True Then ActiveSheet.Unprotect "test" Else ActiveSheet.Protect "test" End If End Sub Although, It works (in a sense that...
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    Need Automated Laziness

    Ok, so I've got 14 toggle buttons on a worksheet that ultimately could grow to be a hundred of them. I want the buttons to have no caption when idle and I want them to say "OFF" when depressed. I know how to write a sub for each button to do so. Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() If...
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    Shape Button to Toggle Button

    I am trying to use a shape to toggle the code below. I would like when the button is true it makes one cell equal another and when it false simply do away with it. Sub DWG_SAME_AS_PROG() Range("J4:N4").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[2]C[-8]" End Sub
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    Change LinkedCell in Toggle Button

    Hello all, I have a toggle button (active x control) in cell B1. In the properties menu, I linked the toggle button to cell A1. The toggle button is entirely in the cell. I need to make a toggle button in each cell in the range of B1:B30. The toggle button in cell B2 should link to A2, the...
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    Toggle Hide/Unhide Macro with Button

    I have the following macro for hiding/unhiding a group of rows based on whether or not they contain empty text strings. I was hoping to insert a button that would hide or unhide the rows each time you hit it. However, I haven't done much work with buttons and assigning controls. Any help would...
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    change toggle button value on userform open

    I would like to set the value of a toggle button when the userform is opened so that it coincides with the what columns are hidden on screen. Below is simple example which I have not tested or debugged. It was just what i was thinking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Mr. Users have been a...
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    Toggle Button Font Keeps Shrinking When Clicked

    I am new to Excel VBA and this may seem like a silly question, but every time i click my toggle button the font shrinks to the point I can barely make out what it says. This is the code i've used for my toggle button. Any help is much appreciated :)
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    Toggle button, color control

    Hey everybody, this is my first post and my chosen name is not because I'm such an Excel genius... :( Anyhow, for the last three days I'm trying to figure out how to handle these silly toggle buttons. It's the first time that I try to deal with macros (can you actually already call them...
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    Toggle button to run two Macros

    I have a spreadsheet that I put two buttons on. One button runs a macro that conditionally formats dates that will expire in next year and other runs a macro to undo that formating. What I want to do is have just one button - a toggle button that when clicked once shows expirations in red and...
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    Enable/activate toggle button with a macro

    I'm trying to create a macro to reset the information in my worksheet to its original settings/ cell values however I have two toggle buttons in the worksheet. I thought I could just insert: If ToggleButton1.Value = False Then ToggleButton1.Value = True End if As you can see from my post...
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    VBA easy way to code all toggle buttons

    Learning on my own, forgive stupidity please. I have a spreadsheet with 100 toggle buttons that when true/false will show/hide the comments of a cell. Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Range(ToggleButton1.LinkedCell).Select If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then...
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    Macro hide/unhide rows by name toggle button

    Hi all, I am wondering if a macro could hide/unhide rows by a caterogry. To be clear, I have Names in the D column, let's for simplicity say there are 2 names nancy and in a different row there's sue and there are multiple instance of them on many different rows. I wish to be able to hit a...

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