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    New at Excel - help with an addition/multiplication nested formula

    Hows it going everyone, i'm VERY new to creating Excel formulas (less than 24 hours as of now). I've started to create a spreadsheet in Excel for my coworkers to eventually use in order to provide our clients costs for various services quickly & to ensure there aren't any errors in the...
  2. E

    Is this a bug?

    Hello When I try to copy a sheet I get the following error, which no matter what I click, does not go away (it actually generates tons of such messages with different name) Any idea please?
  3. P

    How do I sum, excluding duplicate values?

    Example: I have one item number ABCDE but this item number appears 3 times, on rows 1 through 3. Each row lists a different raw material off the bill of material, along with the budgeted tons. Material A 5 lb. 500 tons ABCDE Material B 1 lb. 500 tons ABCDE Material C 2lb. 500 tons...
  4. I

    Count if

    HI Guys i have the data below <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> group ID Department products A 1 sales pc A 2 marketing pc A 3 marketing ons A 4 HR pc A 5 marketing tons A 6 marketing pc B 7 sales pc </tbody> I want to do a count if , using this logic...
  5. R

    Average SumProduct

    I am trying to use the same priciple behind sumproduct since I have a lot of moving variables in my table and reference that need to be matched. I have the sum products working fine (see example) because they are actually finding sums. I need to do an average of the CM/ST and CM/MT since there...
  6. A

    calculation required for NP

    Dear Team i have some data to calculate but couldnot find any formula. please help me my NP bag dimension are L=2.5 ft W= 1.5 ft H= 0.67 ft weight is 50 KG how many bags I can stack for 1 Matric tons please help developing a formula for this.

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