1. S

    VBA to Transfer data from one workbook to another

    Hi all, Still learning VBA and this may be a really basic question for all, but I am struggling to find the answer while surfing. Would really appreciate some simple explained help to learn. TASK I want to transfer data from one workbook to another. using a "transfer tool" which i can email...
  2. J

    Pricing tool

    Hi i have basic excel knowledge. I am trying to create a prcing tool for selling laptops (for context) so i want a tool where i cant input all my component prices (differnet ram, hdd etc) then i want to enter my basic unit price, then have drop downs, for each component, it will take the cost...
  3. H

    Paste from clipboard, VBA

    I have created an overview sheet for a project where I also want the user to include a map of the location. The map should go in a special place of the overview (certain cells or a shape) and preferably look nice. Some user will have very limited experience. I have found that you could fill a...
  4. A

    VBA - Add In with Modules/Subroutines

    Hello, I am working with different tools based on workbooks at work. Now I don't want to write/update the code, which is over some workbooks the same, again and again in every tool. The solution should be to write this tool, which is exactly the same in every tool, in an add in, and connect...
  5. L

    (substitute, replace) VS replace tool

    Hi I know how and when to use substitute() and replace() function. But my question, I found that Replace tool is doing the same. Is there any case that Replace tool is not going to help then I will have to use substitute() or replace() functions. Thank you very much.
  6. S

    Create automated paragraph based on criteria.

    I do a lot of financial writing with different numbers every quarter and change language based on the date. Is there an easy way to create a form that automatically writes the paragraph summary? For example: Forthe three months ended March 31, 2019, "Company name" generated revenue of "$XXX"...
  7. K

    Excel Repair Tool / Recomendation

    Does anyone have any unbiased recommendations for an Excel Repair tool. I don't mind paying for a good tool but it seems like if you google Excel repair tool the results are mostly promoted reviews and not unbiased. I have some xlsm workbooks that crash from time to time so what I wanted to do...
  8. C

    Changing Numbers for security purposes

    Hi, I have tens of thousands of item numbers. At time I need to circulate spreadsheets that contain them. However, there are times where I do not want people or organizations to know these exact item numbers. Is there some tool, function or script that can change these item numbers to another...
  9. D

    Looking for faster way to scrape ~250 pages than Excel's built-in WebQuery tool

    I want to get the data from ~250 different web pages (they're all formatted the same >> they're pages of data for different stock symbols) into Excel. I currently use Excel 2007's built-in WebQuery tool, but: 1) It takes about 3 minutes for Excel to grab the data from all the pages, and 2)...
  10. jim may

    How to delete a posting

    I tried deleting a post - near the bottom (while within the time limit given) I see the button to EDIT, there in a tool tip I see "DELETE" also offered. So how do I follow through on Deleting, not editing?
  11. M

    Allocation Tool

    Hi. I'm a an excel novice so apologies in advance. I need to create an allocation tool which distributes work evenly amongst teams. We receive a different amount of queries to get through everyday so would need to amend the daily allocation. Each of the teams have different targets which vary...
  12. I

    Name Manager Question

    Afternoon, For some reason some of my drop downs stopped working. I am now cleaning up the named manager list & these are now starting to work correctly. In the page that opens up is there a way to click on a NAME as excel tell you on what sheet it is connected with. Name i say name this is the...
  13. C

    Open Table In New Window

    Looking for a way to open up a table in a pop up sheet/window similar to how a chart opens once created. I can’t find any posts about this online. Is there a tool to do this or would I need vba?
  14. J

    Batch conversion for coordinates - Northings and eastings to OS grid

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone got/seen/aware of a batch conversion tool that I can use to get the 10km OS Grid ref from a list of Northings and easting? I've a list that's 3,000 long so can't contemplate doing them manually/singularly using the tools I can see online and don't know where to start to...
  15. K

    Pressing a button in another workbook

    I am trying to use a macro that will open another workbook and press the button that is on the sheet "Instructions" then close the workbook after the task has been done. I have a list of name in column B so the action can be done on multiple worksheets. When I run my code is get the error: 400...
  16. D

    Array, array go away.... I'm Stuck. Please Help!

    Sheet Name: 'TOOLS!' <tbody> A B C 1 Opening Max Bend Tool 2 0.520 150 ABC 3 1.125 105 DEF 4 2.000 95 GHI 5 3.000 100 JKL </tbody> Sheet Name: 'CHART!' <tbody> A B C 1 Material Pref Opening Use Tool 2 10GA 1.125 ??? 3 8GA 2.000 </tbody> There are several...
  17. D

    INDEX MATCH with IF...or something else?

    I'm attempting to return a value based on an INDEX, MATCH with an IF and just can't seem to get it nested properly so that it works...or maybe I should be using completely different logic. The scenario: Depending on how thick the metal is, we use different tools to cut or bend it. We are trying...
  18. C

    Keeping Data Hidden

    I'm looking for a way to keep data hidden in a sheet. I have used the group outline tool and the hidden columns tool. What i have discovered is that even if I protect the sheet, another use can right click on the sheet and copy the sheet to a new sheet. And then have access to the hidden data...
  19. D


    I am currently enrolled in an Excel course through my local college. We recently learned about the VLOOKUP function. It seems to be a very useful tool for work-related spreadsheets. Are there limitations of using this function? If so, what are they?
  20. J

    Quick Access Tool Bar Self-Changes

    I am a big fan of the Quick Access Tool bar which I have customized to give easy access to my most commonly used functions. I have them grouped logically. For some reason the icons don't stay put. The icon in one location keeps moving elsewhere on the Tool Bar. Occasionally, another icon...

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