1. I

    [HELP] Split Domain Names into Words?

    Hi Guys, First of all this is great forum, before opening this thread i already searched around and found some formulas that has helped me tremendously. I will be opening few more threads one after another to make things easy on my tiny brain. as of now I want to do the following: I have List...
  2. G

    Excel Pivot MDX

    Hi Would appreciate any help with this, I’m struggling with the MDX trying to calculate BMI ( Body Mass Index = Weight / Height Squared ), as a Calculated Member in PivotTable Tools -> Analyze -> OLAP Tools -> MDX Calculated Member. I believe I need an IF, as Height might be 0 in some...
  3. E

    Vlookup, finding a second identical value when you have it's row number.

    Hi, I'm using this formula to find some text, =VLOOKUP("Tools",$A1:$B400,1,0). This formula has been simplified for posting. There are two instances of "Tools". I've used a formula to find the row number the second value of "Tools" is in...
  4. G

    Choosing Oldest Date From Multiple Occurences of Same Category

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help solve this problem I have been struggling with. I have two sheets. The first sheet 214 S contains data. The second sheet 214 Lst is where the output goes. I was looking for a formula or macro that can do the following in excel 2013 for win7: I was...
  5. P

    Is there any tool for performing multiple similar calcualtions, using Excel as framework?

    Colleagues, I have faced the following issue: I need to perform similar calculations on different inputs, saving the output. Is there any way to use Excel workbook as framework for those calculations? For example, I need to perform A + B calculation. I created workbook WB1, which contains on...
  6. G

    Reference library

    Hello I have an document with modules locked and i have to share it. Other users have to add some references but when modules are locked, "VBA > Tools > References" is not available. Can you help me please ? Thank you G
  7. bs0d

    Visual Studio - Toolbox Items, Actions Pane

    I have VS '13 and I'm playing around with creating an actions pane for a specific document. I would like to follow the same style that Excel uses for grouping data, and expanding and collapsing sub-group items. For example, see format chart: I apologize id advance for novice question here...
  8. A

    Is There An Add-In For That?

    I'm working on a data entry project for work - credit card statements have been imported into Excel with 3 columns of information: Transaction Date(column A), Amount(column B), and the Merchant(column C). The spreadsheet contains 6 columns total; column E is automatically filled, depending on...
  9. T

    Generate a list from single cell input

    Hello, ive been tryin to figure out how to do the next thing. I am creating a tool for my workers where there could be a single cell where they enter the amount they spend and in the next cell they select from a drop down list the type of expense (transport, food, hotel, airplane, etc...) click...
  10. E

    Equipment Accountability

    Hi, I am attempting to write an equipment accountability Macro in excel, input is serial number via barcode scanner with carriage return appended. I need 3 user forms: 1 to add/remove equipment by serial number and description (organized by type of equipment), another to sign out multiple...
  11. S

    Posting User Created Workbooks to Share (xlsm files)

    Just wondering if there is a place on here to upload a workbook i wanted to share with the group. Its a way to email reports created in Excel to different users using a looping macro. Maybe someone else can use it in their work - is that allowed? Thanks
  12. tweedle

    Code Library Organizer - What do you use?

    So over time one accumulates a lot of little code snippets, and some very specialized ones to archive and pull out when needed. What does anyone here use to keep code modules organized? Right now I'm using TextPad Workspaces to group common themes and templates together; wondering if there is...
  13. T

    Need help - Keyboard, tab, scroll settings

    Where do I change settings for tab and mouse-scrolling in Excel? Normally when pressing TAB on the keyboard you move the coursor column by column but suddenly, when pressing TAB now my coursor moves from A1 to AA... The same thing happens when I use the mouse to scroll. Now I can´t scroll up and...
  14. R

    Drag and drop cells-turn it off?

    I'm having trouble with a spreadsheet, in that users have a nasty habit of putting data into the wrong cells, then dragging them where the data is supposed to go, which, of course, drags the formulas, messes up calcuations elsewhere on the sheet, and creates mass chaos. I know I can turn off...

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