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    TOPn SOLD vs OH

    Hi, I’m trying to build a measure to list the TOP 10 models and what our inventory levels are for those items. I would rather use CUBIC formulas but since the list of the TOP items changes each day I am limited to a Pivot Table. I could have another pivot table and use a vlookup. But that...
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    TOP 100 by month, need help.

    Hi, I've created a PowerPivot DAX measure to list my TOP 100 Brands. I would like to find a way to see for the month of May 2019 vs 2018 vs 2017. The measure below shows me each year total compared side by side. I would like to have a slicer control the month. TOP 100 BRANDS:=VAR RankingContext...
  3. J

    Building a dynamic “Top N” Group and “Other” based on Last 12 Months Revenues

    Hello dear Power Bi Community, I'm pretty new into Power BI, so please excuse if I might need some pretty basic help here. I was trying to find some help here already and eventhough similar posts exist, I didn`t find anything yet which would cover my specific needs. I would like to...
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    Sum of TOPN by Filtered Date Range

    Trying to have a measure provide the same results as only the Grand Totals of the following vanilla PivotTable. Table AcctList Fields, [DueDate], [Amount], [Name], [Validated/Held] Page Filters = [Validated] = “Validated” Rows = [Name] Columns= [DueDate] Sigmas = Sum of [Amounts] Row Filter =...
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    Remove filter from results of SUMMARIZE

    I have created a measure to look at the top 500 SKUs (by forecast) which are then bucketed into forecast unit volume groups returning count of SKU. The measure works at company level but when a hierarchical range slicer is included on my pivot, this slicer also acts on the summarize function to...
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    Apply Pivot table filter from results of another pivot table

    Hi I'm in need of some help. I've created a Pivot table based on a TOPn Rankx result. It provides me with a list of the top 10-25 items sold. I want to use the results from that table to filer the products details pivot table. I've been able to create VBA code but I can only filter the first...
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    Listing top 20 values with multiple data sets

    Hi all, This is my first post and I'm in need of some desperate help please. I have a table with the following data (this is example data): <tbody> A B C D Branch Code Product Code Supplier Name Over-Stocked 10 <tbody> ALTA80125-0.00 </tbody> SUP 1 20 10 <tbody> ALTA802-0.00...
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    TopN Dax Formula in Power Pivot

    Hi all, In PowerPivot I have a table with a list of product ID's in one column and total sales for each product in the next column. I am trying to figure out how to use that information to easily create a slicer in my Pivot Table that I can click to show the top five selling items. Please let...

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