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    Track changes in shared data sheet

    Hi everyone! first of all thank you all for taking time to help me with my minor problem I am currently intern employee in a big Oil & gas company. They are seeking for a excel document that can track changes when different employee's edits the worksheet. I have already inserted a VBA code...
  2. M

    VBA Track changes on shared workbook

    Hello Everyone, I have a VBA that copies a given sheet from my workbook.xlsm to a new workbook.xlsx and saves it in a shared folder. It works just fine, but I want it to enable track changes on the new workbook.xlsx before closing it. Since I'm not an expert on code, nor whatsoever!, I've just...
  3. V

    Recording Plugin?

    Hi All, We use an Excel at work that's connected to SQL using 'Data From' function. Are there any plugins out there that can record when a user works on the excel and all the changes they have made? I know Excel had tracking which I used years ago, but it is legacy now and I don't think it can...
  4. D

    Record data based on a time stamp

    Hi All, I control a monthly sales forecast - sales people enter their forecast for the month but then can amend this at 2 dates in the month (approx 10th and the 20th), it is then fixed. I need to track the changes they make; example. Cell B1 they enter £100,000 for June On the 10th they may...
  5. A

    Issues with Tracking Changes in MS Excel

    Hi all, Recently I have been toggling withthe Track Changes in MS Excel and realized that it can only track editedchanges such as words/numbers etc but it is unable to track whether a cell is highlightedor not in the History tab? So for example, if I’ve simply changed a cell fill fromblue to...
  6. R

    Show changes (Track Changes or similar) in a new cell

    A1 - original sentence B1 - edited sentence C1 - is there a way to show what has changed similar to track changes in this cell? A1 - My name is Chris B1 - My name is Dave C1 - My name is ChrisDave The word Chris would have a strike throguh it?
  7. Y

    Log Changes with VBA

    Hello, I am trying to find a way how I can log all changes made to the workbook. I have found a perfect piece of code on a forum thread here. I will link the code: Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range) Dim LR As Long, X As Variant If Sh.Name = "Log" Then...
  8. D

    Filtering to show changed cells - is it possible without resorting to macros

    We have a reporting spreadsheet, used by our PMs, with a text input cell for the PM to provide a brief update on the week's activities. I know I can Track Changes, which will put a small flag on a changed cell, but is there a way that can feed into another column/cell to show that the status...
  9. L

    Auto Update Time Stamp?

    Hello, I am trying to have a cell (or cells) that log when the last change was made to a shared workbook. I have tried a few options through VBA that I found through searching:Public Function ModDate() ModDate = Format(FileDateTime(ActiveWorkbook.FullName), "m/d/yy hh:nn ampm") End Function...
  10. B

    Issue related to VBA Track Changes Control

    Dear all, I am trying to use th VBA to control the function of Track Changes and i would like to know about the code.Please share to me. First of all, i would like to use VBA to : 1.trigger the Track Changes function 2.tick the box of Track changes while editing.This also shares your...
  11. W

    Message in a bottle_WORD2010 VBA_Combination of track changes reviews into one document

    Dear all, That might be more a message in a bottle because WORD VBA is not the most looked for but I take my chance on this active forum. What I would like to do: I sent a WORD2010 document into review and I collect the reviews from my colleagues as track changes. I would like to combine all...
  12. J

    Table showing a cells previous values using vba

    Apologies in advance as I think there are some threads covering similar topics, but I have been unable to get the vba in them to work as needed, as I'm pretty new to it. I am creating a risk register table (in a worksheet called Risk Register) with values added and updated from an input macro...
  13. D

    Tracking data changes with Power Query

    I am using Microsoft Excel 2010; 32 bit I have a workbook query set up through Power Query that returns a table (24 columns, 12,000+ rows). It is a web connection to a DB2 (authentication required). I have it set up so that the first column is the modified date (date and time stamp). The table...
  14. R

    Audit Trail - VBA - Tracking related cells

    Hi MrExcel Community, It's my first post here - so "Hello" :-) Currently I'm using this Audit Trail Macro to track cell changes in multiple sheets: Option Explicit Dim sOldAddress As String Dim vOldValue As Variant Dim sOldFormula As String Private Sub Workbook_TrackChange(Cancel As...
  15. D

    VBA to track History changes from a worksheet to a new worksheet

    Hello I need help and not able to find my solution. I have in a sheet called TOC on cell J33, which updates every 2 minutes based on a = function to another sheet that uses a api query. My goal is to track last value (history) before it updates, and have the data output on another sheet...
  16. V

    VBA code to Track changes in a workbook

    Hi, I am working on a shared file which is being updated by multiple users. I am not able to track who changes what. Can we have a "Update Log" sheet which captures the following details - 1. Date & Time 2. Modified by which User 3. Sheet Name that was updated 4. Cell Reference 4. Old value 5...
  17. H

    Dupliate with value changes

    Hey Guys, This one has been allusive I am hoping one of the geniuses here can help. I have an order calculator I developed for my business, I place all my orders Monday for the week, I am having an issue where if I should change my forecasted ales during the week the value of the amount...
  18. M

    Tracking changes to a column and preserving Undo

    Hi I know the Undo stack is cleared when running a macro. I'm trying to maintain in one column the current date of when a cell in another column is changed. The code in the specific Sheet is: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not (Intersect(Target...
  19. T

    VBA Code to Track Changes in Excel

    Hi Again, I have a code (copied below) that copies data from a master sheet, to one of two other sheets within the same workbook. This is running in a 2016 Excel workbook that will have multiple people from multiple departments working on it, logging in via an intranet. What I need now, is a...
  20. R

    VBA Code to Track Changes in Worksheet

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to incorporate a code that will track all changes made to a worksheet. The code below works great, however, I can't get Target.Address to update when I insert a row. For example, say if I put "test" in A4, and I insert a row, and "test" is now in A5...I can't get the...

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