1. Dan Wilson

    Working with minutes and seconds

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with several worksheets tracking music. My goal is to take a concert (multiple songs) and track each piece of music. I have columns set up to track the starting time and ending time of a particular song within the entire...
  2. P

    Track changes on a Worksheet in Excel with VBA

    I am currently using the following: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("O:T")) Is Nothing Or Range("W2") = vbNullString Then GoTo Skip If Range("W2") <= Range("W1") Then If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A:U")) Is Nothing Then Call...
  3. J

    Excel removing any edit history/track changes

    All, Is there anyway to make sure that a client cannot see any track changes/previous versions of an excel? I don't think track changes were on when the file was created but we want to make sure the edits/changes cannot be viewed by the client. Thanks, J
  4. F

    How to track changes of a shared workbook in a separate workbook

    Hi All, Is there any chance to track the changes of a shared workbook in a separate workbook. Since the workbook needs to be shared with 20 users and adding the code to the same workbook will slow down the file. Since the file consists of 10 excel sheets. Please help in adding a code to...
  5. K

    track change in my workbook

    i have a "track change" sheet to avoid any anonymous change in my workbook, but i found some error tracking, i hope someone can point me out here with BIG THANKS. after i loaded all macro in my workbook, my team member will deploy every role to every staffs in their daily duties, what the out...
  6. C

    Formula Assistance

    Hi, Newbie here! I've built a spreadsheet to track reports that are on track/due or overdue. I've added IF formulas to show the on track/due/overdue items and used conditional formatting to change the cell colour which is working without any problems. I have chart to show the volume of items...
  7. L

    Home Service

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good way to keep track of a Home Services business? Thanks
  8. E


    Will Excel keep track of invoices? Example; I generate and invoice and the next day i generate another, will excel store the info and add them up to track income?
  9. H

    What kind of form do I need?

    I am a dispatcher for a delivery company. I need to track 100 employees, 40, vans, what van they are in, if they need help delivering, if they are helping someone else deliver, if they are on their way to deliver and so on. What is the best way to track this info?
  10. L

    SUMIF in Calendar Format (Too Many Arguments)

    I'm building a calendar format spending tracker. I'd like to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly costs; and then also track costs by category (see image below). The tracking by category is what has the SUMIF function not working. I've been trying to select specific cells to look to, but I'm...
  11. N

    Running Total reset by negative value

    I am trying to setup a spreadsheet to track a number of values. I only need to create a running total when the total of 2 columns becomes a positive value and then track it back down to when it moves back to a negative. The data looks like this: <tbody> Value A Value B A + B Required Result...
  12. Z

    Tracking driver limites

    Our truck drivers are not allowed to work more than eight 12-hour days during a 30 day period, is there a way to track this?
  13. A

    Issues with Tracking Changes in MS Excel

    Hi all, Recently I have been toggling withthe Track Changes in MS Excel and realized that it can only track editedchanges such as words/numbers etc but it is unable to track whether a cell is highlightedor not in the History tab? So for example, if I’ve simply changed a cell fill fromblue to...
  14. G

    counting trends over time - by hour, and by day

    Please forgive my appalling lack of Excel vocabulary. I'm not even sure what what I'm trying to do is called. :) I have a spreadsheet to track the time and frequency of occurrences, say phone calls. My data is like: Weekday Date 9:00 hour 10:00 hour 11:00...
  15. Dan Wilson

    Macro editing

    Good day. I'm running Excel 2016 on Windows 10 Pro. I have a workbook hat contains 8 worksheets with 17 Macros. I intend to make this workbook available to other Excel users who wish to track the data that my workbook will track. Each user will have the ability to have tracked items changed...
  16. C

    "Co-authoring doesn't provide track changes" - what to do?

    Hi, I am currently working on a template to be shared among several people within the organization. It is suppose to be stored in a sharepoint using the web. The idea was to generate a backlog where you could see all changes that people have been doing. The purpose for tracking the changes is...
  17. J

    Using data fields for 2 purposes

    I have a large spreadsheet to track golf statistics by player, by day, participating by month. Each day a player participates they get a $0 or a positive dollar amount depending on their results for the day. Currently I have a =COUNT formula to track the number of days each participates and it...
  18. A

    Totalling and Tallying Sales by Month

    I'm creating a tracking document for the real estate team I work with. I'm in way over my head in excel skills (this is news to no one on the team, we just realized it's cheaper for me to spend the hours to make this document and have it as our own rather than pay for the one we've been using...
  19. M

    removing first word from a string

    I wish to catalogue my albums but when they are in excel they are shown by the track number first 06 Killer Queen 02 Spirit in the sky 96 life on mars Some are even shown as 1-01 sweet Love 2-02 Strut your funky stuff I wish to remove the fist word in the string and report just the song title...
  20. I

    Delete everything to the left of text between delimiters

    I have a text string in excel that is a series of notes delimited by <> following each note So an example would be: It is going well - I hope; we'll know more next week<>Project is slipping - more to some<>Project is on track as of 7/7/18<>Well, it's back off track as of 7/15<> Would very...

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