1. MFish

    Comboboxes on top of images within a userform

    Are you able to place comboboxes over an image? I have an image resembling a trailer and I want comboboxes to be on top of it looking like the selection within the combobox is a certain pallet in that location of the trailer. Possible? I've tried dragging the comboboxes onto the picture and...
  2. O

    Looking up Destinations

    Hi all, I am trying to create a table that I can look up my regular trips but have been out of excel for a long time and now cannot get my mind around the problem. Can somebody please help me to create this "action" as it is driving me crazy trying to achieve the end result. The "From and To"...
  3. N

    Load Planning

    Hello, I am looking for a spread sheet which will allow me to "cube" a trailer based, either by weight or space. Trailer and pallet restrictions/dimensions will vary depending on the ship to destination. I am targeting an excel based program due to in house restrictions (I have found other...
  4. E

    maybe vlookup combined with sumifs?

    Hi, Please help! I have a worksheet where in a row I will have a date (column A), a trailer number (column B), a store number (Column C) and a number of loaded cages displayed (Column D). In column A the same date might be used multiple times. In column G I have a macro running automatically...
  5. S

    VLOOKUP to check 2 lists?

    Hi, I would like to search the 2 lists below for a specific trailer number and return the bay number. Is it possible to search both lists? <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> TRAILER PARK 1 TRAILER PARK 2 Trailer Bay Trailer Bay TEST 1 TP1 1 TP2...

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