trailing zero

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    Trailing Zeros Problem. Need Help Badly

    Hi, I had a excel sheet sent over to me it had account number of 16 digits something like this <tbody> 8342561027735067 </tbody> but when i opened excel sheet all the numbers were converted to something like this <tbody> 8.14731E+15 </tbody> When i tried converting it into number all...
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    Excel cuts off 2 zeros at the end of a number

    Someone just asked me about something that I've never heard of: If he enters 400 Excel truncates it to 4. Thus, in order to get 400 he has to input 40000. Why might this be happening?
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    Undo Removal of Trailing Zeros

    Hello Guys, I've stumbled upon a "feature" in Excel i can't exclude. 1000 0.188 2000 -0.401 3000 0.000 4000 -1.102 When you set the display format for numeric 2digits, Excel changes the Display not the underlying Value Display Value 0.19 0.19...
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    Keep trailing zero with VBA

    Hi, A value in a cell is "3,500". I convert all to text format and then remove the quotes. Removing the quotes causes the last zero to disappear, so the cell now contains: 3,50 Worksheets(gs_sheet).Range(sRange).NumberFormat = "@" 'text Worksheets(gs_sheet).Range(sRange).Replace What:=""""...
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    Trailing zeros in Excel

    Hi, I have a sheet that gets loaded into SAP through the GLSU add-on and the numbers must be 2-decimal places and must be numbers but for example, Excel takes 168.90 and cuts off the zero to 168.9. Changing the number format just changes the display, not the actual number. I've searched for...

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