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    Power BI Certified Courses

    Hi, my company is prepared to put me through a Power BI course and have asked me to find a course that fits our needs: > Preferably a week / 2 week classroom based intense course > Certification included, Microsoft 70-779, MCSA or MCSE exams as part of the course > Preferably a Microsoft gold...
  2. D

    using "<>" (not equal to) as part of COUNTIFS

    I'm having a very specific problem and I'm hoping somebody here can put me out of my misery!! I have this COUNTIFS in place which does exactly what it needs to... =COUNTIFS(C$5:C$66,"AM",D$5:D$66,"Please Select") which is counting on a team calendar to show how many AM slots (in column C)...
  3. L

    total trainers per hour

    I am trying to figure out how to find the total trainers working in same hour, and needs to be able to change when a trainer is added or removed. Example at the bottom of table in red. Below is how my spreadsheet is set up. I am new to the mrexel forum and not an expert by any means with...
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    Change Slicer Caption on sheet

    Hi All, How can I amend this code to change the slicer caption of a particular slicer on the active sheet Im running this on the pivot table event on the sheet If Worksheets("PivotSurvey").Range("AA2").Value = "State" Then ActiveWorkbook.activesheet.SlicerCaches("Lead Trainer...

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