transfer data

  1. T

    DataSource Error, updating data live without closing down the first document

    Hello there I need to make a excel document where i get live updated data from another excel workbook. im struggling with using the Data -> Get Data -> From File -> From Workbook. my problem is that it seems like i need to have the first document closed down in order for the second document to...
  2. A

    Transfer data to multiple columns from one workbook to another using info from two columns

    Hi there, I'm tracking data for parliaments and would to like to take data from last year's excel sheet and populate new ones for 2021 that has slightly different rows, columns and ordering (so a copy/paste won't work). What the old and the new have in common is: country names and chamber...
  3. B

    Moving data from a generic worksheet to a generic workbook

    Hi At this time I am seeking info in regards to the possibility of excel being able to do the following... I presently have clients that utilize a generic worksheet to enter data specific to their staffing process. Once they submit to us, I would like to transfer the information into a...
  4. H

    Copy Data From Changing Name File

    Hi I need to write a macro to open a file and transfer data from one file to another; the problem is I will never know the exact source filename. Let me explain. Data is collected in one program and it is output into a daily .DBF file. The filename is in this format, SB20200531.DBF The problem...
  5. M

    Transfer and update data from various workbooks into one

    Hey everyone, I have 3 IDENTICAL workbooks (say WB-A,WB-B,WB-C) with 4 sheets in each workbook (say WB-A1,WB-A2,WB-A3,WB-A4 / WB-B1,WB-B2,WB-B3,WB-B4 / WB-C1,WB-C2,WB-C3,WB-C4). These 3 workbooks are basically reports for 3 different projects, which are updated individually on a monthly basis...
  6. F

    Transfer from protected Workbook to another workbook

    hi Can anyone help me to transfer data from a password protected workbook to another? This code is working the problem is even if the password in wba, the excel always asks when I open the workbook. So I cancel and then I have to runsub manual to get what I want. Thanks in advance Nick Sub...
  7. L

    Notepad File to Excel Column

    I would transfer two information (filename and file content)from multiple notepad to "column excel" as attached Appreciate someone helping. thanks
  8. K

    VBA to copy data from one cell, based on data in another cell (formula output), and paste at the end of a table in another sheet

    I've been trying to figure this out for at least ten hours total now, and I have to admit I cannot do it myself. I'm just too new at VBA and too bad at programming. Ultimate End Goal: to create a table of Authors based on data entered in a primary table, upon entry or update, without duplicates...
  9. MinoMacro

    How to get selected data from ListBox into scecific Excel Sheet

    I have a form where I fill ListBox(lstSearchResults) How can I after select one row, transfer data (Client, Name, Surname, Product) into sheet(Vstup) to cells D2,D3,D4,D5? Can anybody help me, please?
  10. H

    Collect Data From One Sheet Into Another

    Hi I need to be able to bring some data from a sheet in one file into a sheet in another file, but have no idea where to start and am hoping someone here may be able to assist. I'll try to explain. The source data I am after resides in columns P & Z and the sheet is called VDW Place. To find...
  11. B

    Transpose Columns To Rows And Insert New Rows To Fill Down Data with VBA

    Hello Guys, I want to transpose data with 5 Columns to only 2 and a new row should be created for every column. Source Data: <tbody> Berlin 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 Dresden 500 300 300 300 300 </tbody> After the macro, the data should be transferred to this result: <tbody> Berlin 1000...
  12. M

    Keeping trailing zero's when transferring from excel to word VBA

    Hi. I have this VBA code, where i pull data from word and then i transfer other data back to word. I have this code: Call findAndReplace(Replace(Round(vbaSheet.Cells(i, "U").Value, 2), ",", "."), "Freight:", 3) And this code for example takes this from excel "155,40" and returns it to word as...
  13. M

    Auto transferring expired rows to 2nd worksheet

    Hello, I am looking for some help creating VBA code that will transfer expired rows from the first worksheet - called "Valid Clearances" - to the second worksheet - called "Expired Clearances" I initially troubleshooted this issue via google, but the codes I found never worked when I tried to...
  14. M

    Transferring & Append New Data from one Workbook to Another Workbook (What's wrong with my code)

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'Declare variables Dim I, LastRow, MLastRow 'Locate LastRow value LastRow = ActiveSheet.Range("A" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row For I = 2 To LastRow If Cells(I, 1) > 0 Then Range(Cells(I, 1), Cells(I, 30)).Select Selection.Copy Workbooks.Open...
  15. J

    Extreme Beginner (Macros) - Need Macro with Date Form to transfer data

    Hello! I am a new analyst and I am trying to make a report at my work more accurate and free of human error. I have one worksheet which is a template (we use this template every day and we save under the current date) before saving we must update this template with the current date's...
  16. C

    Combine my Macros not going well.

    I need to cycle through the tabs in an open workbook using their names to open corresponding workbooks (see working code below) and copy data to those tabs. I also need it FIRST to check that the last tab is titled with the current month year. I have two sets of working code but am having a...
  17. R

    Auto Transfer Data from Master Sheet to Several other Worksheets

    Hi all! I've been researching this for days and cannot seem to find the proper way of doing what I need! I feel like it's pretty simple..... I have a master sheet where data is entered as such: <tbody> Date Log # Building Rep 12/31/16 123456 5 Jane Doe 1/4/17 789012 10 Jane Doe...
  18. M

    Helped needed with formula moving data from one place to another

    Hi there, I am currently building a spreadsheet for a fantasy football (soccer) game. I've hit a bit of a stumbling block.I have created a simple table which includes players names, clubs, points etc. and a column at the end with a simple drop-down menu that allows you to select a player. I am...
  19. N

    VBA to Transfer (Certain) Data from One Workbook to Another

    PLEASE HELP! I will describe this as detailed as possible. GOAL: To auto-transfer data (criteria based/no blanks) from an online-based Sharepoint file to a separate workbook for analysis From (Source) File = “LabData.xlsx” located online at (made up) To...
  20. B

    Moving Items Between ListBoxes

    Good afternoon, I am working on a form containing three listboxes. I have created buttons to be able to freely transfer data from one listbox to another, but I'm stuck at the code. The data that populates the listboxes upon form activation comes from different work sheets in the same workbook...

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