1. M

    Power Query Get Transform the the in Tabular Format

    Hi, I have a huge data which is converted from another source to excel required to be set in Tabular format with help power query.Headers are already available it should be same as it is, Blank columns and rows to be remove, Data in column which does not have any headers to be create a new...
  2. C

    Split 1 row line into 4 grouped with different values in power query or Excel

    Hey I need some help transforming an export I have so I can upload it. I would like to turn 1 line into blocks of 4 as per below, can anyone help please?
  3. M

    Power Query - Unstack data

    Hi MrExcel Community, I am facing a new unstacking data challenge. 🤔 Context I have a bunch of Property Names, two Attributes which are stacked together in the following order: (1) a date (in a text format) and (2) a percentage change and their Values. Target Here is that table format I am...
  4. X

    Transform Date Column

    Hello, do some one know how to transform Dates? I have a column with the ends of all Months per year: End of the month date 31.01.2019 28.02.2019 30.03.2019 etc... Question: How can I transform this column. I want that all of this dates only the days are changing to 14. this: 14.01.2019...
  5. U

    Get & Transform with a parameter from Access query

    Hi there, I was wondering how can I use a parameter in a query using the "Get & Transform" . For simplification purposes, I have a saved query called 'dbQuery': select * from Balances where Balances.CoprID=[Idpara] IdPara is the parameter. "Get & transform" doesn't recognize this query because...
  6. C

    Power Query Transform & Table Formulas not propagating to new records brought in

    Hello, I Have a query that combines 6 connection only data sets, removes a bunch of columns, moves them around, changes all "Dates" to date code, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. In the resulting table/tab "Combined data", I add a number of other columns with formulas that grab/change some of...
  7. U

    Importing Data (Get & Transform vs Data Model)

    Hi, I'm doing my first baby steps in power query. I tried to create query from excel workbook through the 'Get and and transform' and it took ages, but when I tried to do the same through the "Data model' UI it took just seconds... Why is that? What is the difference between the two methods...
  8. U

    Why doesn't my filtered table show as filtered in query editor when using get & transform?

    I have multiple workbooks with each one filtered to show different data. I now need to combine them but when I use get and transform, the tables are ignoring the filters and showing the data without any filters applied. What am I doing wrong? Thank you Figen
  9. U

    Get & Transform Experts!

    Hi there, I have been using the get and transform function in excel for a while. I have a workbook with a lot of individual reports. I have connected them using get and transform, but when I replaced the data with current month's data, for some reason my merged table that is connected to all...
  10. N

    PowerQuery / Get & Transform not working

    Hi, have anybody experienced where their Excel version's Get & Transform is unresponsive? I have created a file and done some queries etc just to have it crash and now it does not even recognise that I had a query. Thank you.
  11. A

    Dynamically expand table columns

    Hi, Is there a way that I can make the last line of this Power Query statement dynamic? i.e. always expand all columns? let // Get path Pathparameter = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="sys_im_parameters"]}[Content], Pathparameter_value = Pathparameter{0}[Column1], //main query...
  12. Nelson78

    Vba: converting hours in seconds

    Hello everybody. I've a value in a cell in hour format: 00:05:37 I need to transform it in seconds: 337 How can I manage the matter? Thank's.
  13. E

    Transform data

    Hi all, I need to transform/ re-arrange data in Access. Below table illustrates the data that I currently have: <tbody> Year FY18 FY18 FY18 FY18 Month MAR MAR FEB FEB Country Channel Brand Item Number SLS UNT SLS CST SLS UNT SLS CST China RLS MSW 10004 34 $87.00 56 $80.00...
  14. D

    Pushing selected data to another worksheet via VBA or Get & Transform

    Taking my first steps in VBA and Get & Transform Data functionalities in Excel 2016. I have 2 Excel workbooks (different files) - a transport note (template.xlsm) and the second one for the entire log or history (log.xlsx). I need the rows from the transport note to be copied into the workbook...
  15. J

    Installation of updated Data ribbon?

    This might be a stupid question, but how do I update my Excel 2016 so that it has the new "Get & Transform Data" Data ribbon tab instead of the old "Get External data" tab?
  16. A

    How to create a new blank query in Office 2010

    Hello All, How can I create a new blank query.. I am using Office 2010 rather than office 2016 (Get and Transform). Thanks.
  17. A

    Date string

    Hi, I'm trying to transform date string formatted like: Jan 1, 2017 6:01:12 AM PST How do I transform those dates with a formula into a actual date as recognised by excel?
  18. A

    Date string

    Hi, I'm trying to import a csv file with dates formatted like: Jan 1, 2017 6:01:12 AM PST How do I transform those dates when importing in PowerBI (and powerpivot)?
  19. A

    Power Query ~ "Transform Binary From" functions

    Hi all It seems that since a recent upgrade of Power Query (Excel 2013), whenever I expand a table from an Excel data source, Power Query introduces a new Folder named "Transform Binary From..." which contains a subfolder named "Sample Query" and 2 other items. The Subfolder also contains 2...
  20. T

    Transform Table

    hello, I want to transform the first table to the second: ¿can you help/guide me? <colgroup><col span="3"><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Segment Channel Product.ID jan feb Domestic 1 23 5 1 Domestic 1 54 1 5 Online 2 43 34 5 Segment Channel Product.ID Month...

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