1. B

    3D Map 2016 Excel

    Zip Codes, the New England section of the United States where the zips are truncated in excel like 01001 or 01002 end up in Europe after I load them into the map. I thought it was because the first zero was truncated, so I formatted cells with 0####. However this still does not work, and the...
  2. K

    Combobox list not updating with new items

    Hi All, This is probably very obvious, but I can't figure it out. I have a combobox pull down list that was working great until I added another item to the list. The list source is a formula, and that is working perfectly. But the combobox drop down feature did not add an additional row to...
  3. D

    Formula to create a random function with multiple outputs

    I would like to create a function that returns the following: 1. 20% of the time it returns a value of 0 2. 80% of the time it returns a normal distribution with a mean of 0.4, stdev of 0.1 but never less than 0 or more than 1. Please help!
  4. C

    Hyperlinks truncated in Excel 2007

    I have a worksheet in Excel 2007 that contains numerous hyperlinks to documents (mostly PowerPoint other Microsoft Office files) stored on a file server. I haven't created the hyperlinks using the =HYPERLINK function, but simply by choosing Insert -> Hyperlink and completing the "Address" and...
  5. J

    The picture is too large and will be truncated

    First . . . I did search the Internet, found some similar-sound problems, but none of their suggestions worked. . . . I am using Excel 2007 on Windows Vista (Home edition). For months I have been developing some VBA code for Excel, with no problems. All of a sudden, I constantly get the...
  6. K

    Need help urgently...

    Hi all.. Sorry to say that I need to pick your brains regarding excel and VBA. I have a problem, I need to convert 20+ excel files into CSVs. These CSVs then have to be imported to creat e-mail accounts (students'). However the arrangement of the data in the excel files are not suitable for CSV...
  7. C

    Cell Reference Truncating Text

    Hi everyone, I am using a cell reference to reference text in another workbook. When I use the cell reference, the text that the reference returns is truncated. However, if I were to copy and paste the text, it works just fine. I do not think this has anything to do with character limits...
  8. Lincoln Six Echo

    Formula to truncate a cell's content ?

    Hi, I have a problem because some cells containing my data are also being used to also store contact information. (The data comes from a 3rd Party Software). I need to truncate the cells so that only the client name and date are included. The problem is that there is nothing but a space...
  9. U

    Can you convert truncated UPC/Bar Codes?

    I am comparing the UPCs of grocery items between two lists. I am running into an issue with one list having a truncated UPC, so I am not getting many mathces. Pillsbury 8 oz Crescent Rolls is one example. The full UPC is 1800000401. One list has the full UPC, and the other one has 184010. Is...

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