trust center

  1. btorrean

    Excel 2013 How to Add Digital Signature to VBA?

    Dear Forum, I have recently purchased a digital signature certificate to use with my Excel workbooks. My purpose is to digitally sign my VBA code. I am able to digitally sign the workbooks using the signature insert in the workbook ribbon, however, I can't sign the code from the VBA editor...
  2. 9tanstaafl9

    Problem with Trusted Documents I work on for other people

    Any advice appreciated. I've finally gotten passable at VBA/Excel but this issue is weird and when I search I just find articles on how to enable when I want to disable. I have a report that I edit for a company that is not on my network. I recently started having an issue because after making...
  3. M

    How do I trust a location for macros correctly?

    I tried to trust a location in trust center but after I entered a path I got this error message "The remote or network path you have entered is not allowed by your current security settings". What should I do?
  4. M

    Storm.ExcelMacros Suspicious unknown excel Add-in found

    Storm.ExcelMacros Suspicious unknown excel Add-in found Last week running a macro that normally takes 1 min, excel became trapped in a loop “round blue circle still showing in the screen and performance monitor shows processors still working even when I knew the macro was done”. Troubleshooting...
  5. T

    Access Trust Center Programmatically

    Is there any way to access the Trust Center (Add Trusted Location/ Publisher) through VBA code?:confused:
  6. M

    Object Model calls may fail from WorkbookOpen event when exiting Protected View

    I have an excel file that will be opened and accessed by hundreds of people, this file is only accessible through a database program so it is not on a network drive per se. The file has some simple code to hide the ribbon and formula bar, however if the file is opened and trust center settings...
  7. A

    Excel 2010, no security warning to enable macros?

    Hey everyone So I have my settings for macros set in the trust center to 'disable macros all macros with notification'. When I open up a workbook that needs macros enabled, I'm not seeing the 'security warning' pop up where I can enable them myself? It used to show up when I opened workbooks...
  8. E

    Change Trust Center Settings with VBA

    I have a pivot table that needs specific settings in the Trust Center. It requires "Enable all macros" and trust access. I have an existing macro that opens this file to extract data. Is there a VBA that would update the Trust Center to allow for this file then revert back to the old...
  9. M

    Trust Center Settings check within VBA

    Hi I have VBA that will save a worksheet as an .xlsm, but this will cause problems on those users who have not enabled Macros in their Trust Center settings. My thought was to have an If..Then statement so that the VBA could detect the status of the Trust Center macro settings, and save as...
  10. A

    Macro Randomly Disabled

    I have an issue that I constantly get the "macros have been disabled" popup when trying to run my macros and it isn't even constant in the fact that it only stops running macros on one workbook and continues to allow them on others workbooks sometimes. The trust center is still set to allow...
  11. C

    Macro ran yesterday doesn't run today

    I have a file, that has some sheets that are protected at times and are open at other times (depends on who needs to use them). In it, there are two macros used to make the reports contained in the file update show current activity. The file is one of thirty that are set up the same way. All...
  12. T

    Stop the virus warnings?

    I have a spreadsheet that has links to Outlook email and task templates. Everytime I click them, I get the warning about "Some files can contain viruses. . ." I have added the folder the templates are in to the trusted list and have enabled all data connections and workbook links. The message is...
  13. T

    Trust Center Setting

    I have created a spreadsheet with macros. I have created a digital signature and have signed the VB code. I have distributed the spreadsheet to 30 people and have added myself as a trusted publisher to 28 of those computers. I have done this by opening the signed spreadsheet on their computer...

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