1. D

    Excel isn't calculating as it should

    I'm building a spreadsheet for running the asset list, it calculates monthly depreciation and builds the accounts journal. Its under 1Mb of data. There are various formulas going on, simple SUM to SUMIFS but very few VLOOKUP. I entered a SUM to add up a column, the result was £0. ISNUMBER...
  2. A

    Cells changing colour

    Hi I am after a formula that works please If I have A and B. When a date is entered into A1 I want B1 to turn red. When a date is then entered into B1 I want both to turn green. Thanks
  3. D

    Sorting columns in Tables

    When creating a table, Excel turns every column in the table into a sortable column via a drop down arrow next to the column name. Is it possible to turn off this sorting ability for some of the columns in a table?
  4. J

    Saving a copy of just one worksheet + remove buttons

    Hi, I have a workbook which I use savecopyas often and with a file size of around 6MB, it's using up space fast. Source workbook contains many sheets/macros/formulas And I only need to save 1 sheet (Main) to a new workbook and remove buttons + turn sheet to values if possible. Note the sheet...
  5. M

    Highlight cell if date is greater than SPECIFIC date

    Hello, I'm having a hard time finding the right formula for what I need to do. I need the cell to turn RED if the date in that cell is more than 10 days from the date on another cell. Example: a date will be inputted in cell C3, then another date will be inputted in cell E3. If the date on...
  6. D

    Conditional formatting

    I would like a colored row on a certain date to turn from red to yellow, how would I format that?
  7. A

    Conditional Formatting different due dates

    I have looked and tried, and no luck. I need A3 to do 2 things When the arrival date is less than the number of days allowed to turn red. so it will turn red when a date is entered and also turn red automatically using today's date. A1 has arrival date A2 Has drop down list with 1 day, 3...
  8. N

    Networkdays forumla help/ MOD

    Hi Guys, I am trying to include another time slot for the formula I wrote with some digging online but now I am not sure how to change it to two slots. =(NETWORKDAYS(J3,K3,Holidays!$C$2:$C$50)-1)*($O$2-$N$2) +...
  9. F

    VBA: Turn vba if statement into function

    I have this code working fine, but would love to turn the if statement case statement into a function. Can somebody show me how to turn the if statement into a function. In essence I'm just trying to compartmentalize the code into small procedures. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  10. R

    Dynamic range, conditional formatting, where second character in field is "e"

    As always, any and all help and suggestions are welcome. :) I'm very happy that this weekend is almost over, because my brain is full of Excel and it's made me start drinking wine already. So, in a quest that is somewhat similar to an earlier one, I need to turn all cells a medium light gray...
  11. T

    VBA Adding and removing conditional formatting

    Hello all, I have an excel file with 3 checkboxes that enable and disable conditional formatting (to find duplicates) using something like this: Sub ChkBxA() Dim rg As Range Set rg = Range("F6:H59,J6:CK47,CW6:CW1000") Dim Chk As CheckBox Set Chk =...
  12. U

    Mass conversion of equations to excel formulas

    I deal with equations that are drafted in microsoft word that look like this: (1.0 x 0.03125 x 0.20 x 187.4237/1920.00) If I independently put an = sign in front of (1.0 it will turn it into a formula after asking to correct for typo for x to become * The problem is I have hundreds of these...
  13. O

    VBA Code to Find Errors in a Sheet and Paste it

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions for which I will give feedback. The following is code to search for any errors and flag the cell by filling it red and bolding it. How would I then copy the entire row and past it into a sheet titled "Error.Log" when there is or more or errors in that row...
  14. C

    vba keep x axis descriptions from going diagonol

    I have automated reports that spit out sunmary page by representative. Sometimes one of the charts decides to turn the tick description diaganol. Only many of the diagonal descriptions look the same since they start with same loacation name. Is there some vba code that will turn the xaxis...
  15. O

    Conditional formatting

    How can i add a conditional format that will allow me to change a number of cells when a specific criteria is met, IE, If cells A2 to k2 contain data, i want the cells to change green when the word Open appears in I2, I would then want them to turn Red once i change the work to Closed. I...
  16. B

    VBA for Word document

    I understand this is an Excel forum, but I just came across something related to what I'm trying to do in Word through Google on this forum, and I'm hoping people continue to be extremely helpful here. This forum has been a life force for me in completing projects. I am trying to craft a VBA...
  17. D

    Conditional formatting

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> I am trying to figure out how to get all the cells to highlight when I use conditional formatting. I am able to get one Colom to highlight but not any of the cells next to it. This is what I used to get what I have in colom G...
  18. D

    Conditional Formatting Not Working

    I set up my conditional formatting to turn text green if equal to or less than 5.25 and red if greater than 5.25. No matter what number shows up in the cell, they are always green. This cell is a percentage if that matters. I went to another cell to test it on a simple one, but not a...
  19. C

    If function with 3 conditions

    Hi I wanted a formula and conditioning formatting for 3 conditions, If training is past expiry date to go red and say expired, If not due stay green and say not due. if 30 days or less to go say - 30 day or less and turn orange. Thanks in advance and any help will be appreciated.
  20. O

    VBA Code to Delete All Sheets/Tabs between two Specific Tabs/Sheets

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions which I will provide feedback. Why does nothing happens when I run the following code as I'm trying delete all the sheets between the "Start" and "End" sheets? Sub DltShts() 'Dimensioning Dim i As Long 'Turn off Screen Update...

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