1. J

    Toggle between colors on right click

    When right clicking within cell range A1 : D4, cell turns green. I want to expand further on this and add that when right clicking on green cell, cell turns yellow. And when right clicking on yellow, cell turns white. How would that look like? And is there a cleaner way by not using Elseif...
  2. C

    Conditional Formatting with Concatenated formula

    I am hoping someone can help me as I am losing the will to live. I am using conditional formatting to determine whether a gap has gone up or down from the previous term. It is mostly working but for some reason on a few of the data cells the wrong colour is given. I am using the formula...
  3. B

    Setting up the traffic light system within Excel

    I want to setup a spreadsheet with a list of mandatory courses that should be completed every 1 to 3 years and I would like to setup a traffic light system against each course listed so that:• When the course has been completed the cell for that particular course is 'Green'; • When the course is...
  4. gheyman

    Access Conditional formatting

    I have a bunch of fields on a form where I entered conditional formula "Check values in the current record or use and expression Format on cells where the: Field Value is greater than 0 Then the formatting is set to make the fore color red if the value, which is calculated, results...
  5. S

    email alert when date is getting close to expiring

    OK, I have expiration dates in cells B3:B100 when TODAY hits that expiration day that cell turns red, in cells C3:C100 there is a Expiration day -30, when TODAY hits -30 days from expiration day that cell turns pink. I want to receive an "alert notice" via email when C3:C100 turns pink. i.e. i...
  6. B

    How to highlight a specific cell based on value/text/number

    Hi guys, First of all, please try to forgive me for my bad English as it's not my native language. You see, I have this excel training spreadsheet where I want to do the following: 1. Highlight both cells (Non-compliant & Complaint columns) with a specific colour (let's just say pink) if...
  7. C

    Not sure if I'm using IF(OR(VLOOKUP(IFNA functions correctly?

    Hello everyone, https://imgur.com/a/0r4JGFn This is a sample spreadsheet but.. Is it possible for column Snowball to display a 1 when it meets the criteria and 0 when it doesn't? Likewise, can Douglas display a 1 when it does and a 0 when it doesn't...
  8. M

    Target dynamic row but static column in VBA

    Dear VBA Experts, Excel newbie here I could really use some help with thi piece of code I´can´t get to function. I want the colour of row "x" in column "K" to change given a certain value of ro "x" in column "G" AND a maximum value in row "x" in columns H-J. Here is what i have come up with...
  9. B

    Maths Assignment Help

    1. Algebra Practical I A fitness trainer wishes to design a custom field track by setting a number of straight paths and quarter circle turns (in meters). Create an Excel sheet which must contain the following. a) The user can input the value of one straight path length and one quarter circle...
  10. B

    How to delete duplicate empty rows in excel?

    Okay so everybody knows how to delete mass empty rows via the go to special blank option. But how can I delete only the duplicate empty rows? EG: <tbody> 7 7 9 8 8 8 </tbody> so above turns into: <tbody> 7 7 9 8 8 8 </tbody>
  11. V

    Data Validation in Userform, Checking String is Numeric and Seven Digits Long

    Hello, I am trying to validate entries into a userform field to check that it only contains numbers and is 7 digits long. All i need it to do is highlight the field in red if the entry is not correct but not if the field is exited without entering anything. This is what I have so far: Private...
  12. J

    HELP......Conditional format issue

    Hi Guys/Gals, First post and probably an easy one to get solved. Firstly i'm quite apt in the basics and know my way around excel but formulas etc are my achilles heel. Secondly what i require is formula only no VBA coding. OK, I have a value in column U ( this is determined on the figure in...
  13. M

    Need to have #value return a zero value

    Good morning everyone. I am looking to see if I can adjust my isblank statement so that when it gives an error (#VALUE) it turns to a zero. This is what I have now: =IF(ISBLANK(V40),(U40*X40),(V40*X40)) Is this possible?
  14. B

    Convert Date to Text in VBA Excel

    Hi! As a new member I've search thru the forum in the hunt for an answer to question, but no luck so far. There are som similar threads but none with a specific anser to my issue. I've created a workbook with a lot of soccerscores. At this point I'm forced to input the scores manually, but I'm...

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