1. D

    Help with Averageif and Percentile

    Bare with me on explaning this. Trying to figure out how to combine averageif and percentile with certain criteria. Id like to average the numbers only in the 90th percentile, for that certain name, based on a names column, where the same names occur more then once. Ive tried...
  2. J

    Find and return formula

    Hoping to get some help. In a specific cell I'm looking to find text that begins with "CX" and return the remaining 4-5 letters behind it in a separate cell. The data that I'm looking for could be at the beginning or middle of text string. Basically, everything in red I'm looking to pull into...
  3. tycasey17

    Counting using Name Manager

    I have a name range called "_Title" with the following titles in it. Tyler and Justin meet the criteria to be counted, I've tried using =COUNTIF but it always comes back as 0. What formula do I need to use to be able to count these individuals? <tbody> Name Range called _Title CFO Tyler...

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