1. J

    please help me

    I have some text and digit in A1 to J1, but i want that if i type "O.K." in K1 then all line A1 to J1 changed to Blue Color.
  2. S

    Count unless text is in a list

    In this scenario I am trying to track how many calls a staff member made in Jan. The catch is there are some calls that are not eligable for tracking. The ineligable call statuses are in a list. Is there a way to do this? I'm not great with excel, any help is appreciated! Count if the 'month'...
  3. K

    Query Editor - Issue with coverting date format when year changes when date format is Day DD MMM e.g Sat 28 Dec

    https://imgur.com/a/2bFUSl2 At the switch over to 2020 it just shows as an error using the following #"Changed Type" =Table.TransformColumnTypes(Data0,{{"Column1", type date}, Is there an way to handle this?
  4. S

    Type mismatch using date in InputBox

    I make a request for a date and if it is a valid date (11/11/2019), partial date (11/11) or even a single number (11) “inputbox” can handle it. It will provide “date” formatted results. If I put in only “11/” and nothing else I get a type mismatch. How should/can I check for valid input? Your...
  5. M

    Maintain text qualifier while creating a Web Query on MAC

    There's a Web Query in my workbook created on Windows that doesn't work if the workbook is opened on MAC and results in an error if trying to refresh it via vba and does nothing otherwise. I came across a variant of the following code on stack overflow which works to import the data from the...
  6. B

    Conditional change: Change value in a cell based on specific text (ending in "X") in another column

    Hello Board, I am new to board and dumb, hoping someone would share a simple VBA code I have a large table of data of ~10000 rows. I'd like VBA Code to loop through: 1) evaluate data in column A for cells that contains 5 characters ending in letter "X" 2) If it finds such, I'd...
  7. P

    Average days by type and year

    <tbody> Type Days Year 34 12 2017 34 24 2017 65 11 2017 66 44 2018 34 23 2018 66 13 2018 34 44 2019 65 8 2019 66 31 2019 </tbody> I want the average days by type, by year. So for example, in 2017, the average days for type 34 is 18. The average days for type 65 is 11. I...
  8. darrenmccoy

    Help to split address into columns

    Hi Experts, Could you help me with formulas to split addresses? I need to count the spaces from the left and split the street number into column B, then split the street name(s) into column C, then count the spaces from the right and split the the street type into column D...
  9. A

    How to insert in cell A1 the name on the tab

    Is there a way to insert the name on the tab of an excel sheet into cell A1 without having to type it every time?
  10. B

    Numbering new products in sequence

    Hello, I am producing a list of patterns references and each pattern needs to have a unique reference. Example pattern 1 is 100-1525/1525/8-001 and is made from a sheet of material 1525 x 1525 x 8 thick 100 = Denotes type of material 1525 = dimension 1 1525 = dimension 2 8 = thickness 001 =...
  11. B

    Range or similar formula?

    Hi I have a spread sheet with a couple of thousand cells of decimal numbers between two values of 0 & 10. I want to use some type of formula that will put them into five ranges eg "0> & <2"=1, ">2 & <4" =2 etc. What is the best formula to apply in this instance please. Thanks BT
  12. H

    Type mismatch error using target.value and target.entirerow.cut in WorkSheet_Change

    I'm using the following code. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal target As Range) If target.Value = "CURED" Then target.EntireRow.Cut Destination:=Sheets("CURED").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) End If End Sub I can't figure out what the problem is. The type...
  13. A

    Filter dataset with multiple parameters

    Hello there, this request is far beyond my capabilities of excel and I'm hoping that it can be done. I have a dataset as an example below: <tbody> A B C D E 1 <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Email address <style...
  14. H

    Help me with entering times in Excel

    Hi all. I've got some cells where I want to enter times of the day (and be able to do calculations on them so they probably can't be text). I've got the cells formatted as Time and then using Custom and have formatted to hh:mm. So I do that and it shows like that. However. When I type into...
  15. 0

    If(And) with a Vlookup

    Hi everyone, I have a situation where I've got a spreadsheet with 2 different columns of data that must match. If they match, I'll need to do a vlookup in order to find a specific account ID on another sheet. What I want to do is from sheet 1, if Acct Type = "Deposit", and Tender Type =...
  16. B

    Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file ‘OSAMAXA.dll’ version 1.0.

    Hi When trying to open an access file, I am getting below message. If I click OKAY on this, I get further pop-ups with similar type of messages. Only the dll name is changed. I guess, this is about missing dll, but not sure, also how does I fix this. Can anyone please tell me what does this...
  17. H

    Add new column to pivot table which calculates based on grand total

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client A...
  18. H

    Column for subtraction of grand totals in pivot table - power query useful here?

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client...
  19. A

    code compare values of columns into two sheets and result in another sheet

    hi, everyone i would code to show difference values between columns into two sheets and show the result in another sheet for more explanation sheet1: <tbody> ITEM BRAND TYPE ORIGIN QUNTITY 1 10.00-16 8PR FSM THI 7 2 10-18 10PR FG FG *** 10 3 10-16.5 8PR FG INDO 20 </tbody>...
  20. Alphacsulb

    Filtered Results to email

    I came across this VBA post that allows me to create an email and BCC a list of emails, however I want to gather the visible filtered list, and not everything that is within the range. I'm unsure where SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible) would apply. Any assistance would be appreciated: Sub...

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