1. E

    Putting an equation into solver

    Hello, I need to input equations into solver in Excel (Its easy to do most of these outside but the automation is helpful) For example $120=$93.50*X+(S:S)*($3000-X) How would I type this equation into Excel to have it solved. NOTE: In this case S will be from a list of Values.
  2. T

    Way to use type ahead in a validation list?

    Hello, I use a lot of lists in Data Validation. It gets tedious to bring up the list and scroll through until I find the one I want. Is there a way to use type ahead to select the choice without displaying the whole list? Thanks, George Teachman
  3. P

    VBA Script for Copy/Transpose and combine cells - help requested

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to VBA and scripts so I finally decided to make a post after trying unsuccessfully to parse through things here and stackoverflow over the last couple days. The problem is that the software I'm using spits out the obtained data in a completely unusable way for...
  4. S

    Getting a store chain's name from a branch

    Let's say I have the store column below. I'm trying to make a formula that will scrub the column and return an output with just the type of store as shown in the "Desired Output" column. Because the amount of words before/after the type varies, I couldn't use the mid function to look for a set...
  5. T

    Find in a column

    Hello, I want to find the string "Size" in a specific column and then delete that row. I'm having problems with the find function. When the sub is stepped thru I get a Type Mismatch error. Here is the Find code. ActiveSheet.Columns("C:C").Find( _ What:="Size", _...
  6. R

    Data Query from WEB ( Unexpected Error)

    Excel - Unexpected Error, Something went wrong. If the problem continues, please restart Excel. I am trying to create a web query, but it continues to fail. I can see the data from the table, but when try to load or edit, I get the Unexpected error. shared...
  7. B

    Windows API to check if currently selected object is of the outlook data type

    Is there a windows api function to check the data type of the last item focused on or clicked down on (this includes a dragged object) is of the outlook object type? For instance, if you clicked on your desktop icon to drag it highlights to show its been selected and when you select an email in...
  8. D

    Need text box to be invisible when printing

    I have a text box that has default text that disappears when you type in the box. What vba code would make the box invisible when printing if it contains the text "Please type notes here"?
  9. S

    A loop which finds and matches more than one value - VBA

    Hi all. I need help with some VBA using find and match type queries. I have a worksheet which has columns: ID, test depth and test result. I have a second worksheet which as ID, start depth, end depth and category. What I need the code to do is loop through each row in the first worksheet and...
  10. P

    Charting Descending Values with Bars Coloured by Type

    Hi, I have a set of data that has three colums; a centre identifier, the type of asset it is (each centre will be classified as an asset type and I have 5 different asset types) and the profit it makes. I have seen a chart before where it shows each centre's profit as a bar (so you get a visual...
  11. T

    Copy Access table structure to Excel

    I have an Access database that is being converted to another language and I need to know all the various pieces and parts to create an SQL script that creates a table. So, I need to know the column's parameters (data type, data type, etc.). I really don't want to do that for hundreds of...
  12. tbablue

    Power Query (noob-ish) struggling with changing Field names.

    Hi Forum, Long time excel user - first post with a Power Query question. I've been gnawing on this problem for days - my head is going numb. Any help offered, gratefully received. Every week, I get a cross tabulated report which I need to unpivot: Ancillary information like Name, Dept,etc -...
  13. M

    Saving file with non standard extension

    We have a system that creates files that are imported into Oracle. The files have the naming convention... Filename.0000 ... where the numbers are incremented with each export. So one file might be filename.4357 and the next file will be filename.4358 and so on. Ive managed to import the file...
  14. M

    extract data between values based on seperate input

    I have some data in A1 that looks like the following: PA1*COL 1*50*Snack 1 PA2*3*100*1*100 PA1*COL 2*100*Snack 2 PA2*52*100*0*0 PA1*COL 3*100*Snack 3 PA2*2*200*1*100 PA1*COL 4*50*Snack 4 PA2*7*50*0*0 PA1*COL 5*200*Snack 5 PA2*100*0*0*0 In A2 i need to be able to type a value, in this example i...
  15. B

    Pivot Tables - Locking the Chart Type and Formats

    Hello, I created a pivot table that is being linked to a slicer. My slicer allows me to switch the data being presented by different views. However, when I switch around, my pivot charts keep changing the chart type (i.e. my intention is to have a combo chart, but it keeps switching to a bar...
  16. J

    Sumif Indirect Multiple Sheets and Another File

    I am attempting to sum if the blank cells from another workbook across sheets 1 through 10 when column A:A (below) matches matches column F:F (other workbook) and row B:B (below) matches E17 (other file). I could sumif one column at a time, and change the sheet reference manually, but there are...
  17. B

    power query advanced editor using m-code transforms dates incorrectely

    I have the following code that is not keeping the same date format as the input. The input dates are in a date column and have mm/dd/yyyy formatting in the cell (e. g. 5/7/2019). The result after running the following m-code is 07/05/2019 in a general format. How can I get the output dates to be...
  18. P

    Return a result from an overall array but limit by another value

    This might sound complicated but that is because I am not really up on the lingo - sorry!! I have workseets - the first has the following data: A B C 1 Area Error type Total 2 Bradford Food 4 3 Bradford Cleaning...
  19. N

    Data Validation : Allow only time input

    I have a form that different teams return to me giving their total hours spent each day on different activities. Currently some people for example 1 and a half hours work type 1.5 or some do 1:30. I wish to limit input to time format ie 1:30. However these totals can go over 24 hours. The cell...
  20. J

    #FIELD! error

    Hi If I type "=-85.00" into a field in excel I get #FIELD ! If I type this on my other computer I get -85 I presume there is a setting I am missing Any help would be appreciated. John

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