1. X

    Typed text changes cell

    I created simple macros that do the same thing. A text is typed when clicking on a button that runs my macro. I created then a macro to delete the texts that I typed. The texts generated by my macros appear in cells different to those I originally chose when creating my macro. My Excel...
  2. L

    my1 is not accepted as macro name

    Hi Not sure why My1 is not accepted as macro name. I opened a new excel file then went to developer--> record macro--> then typed my1 as a name for the macro but got error message. Thank you very much.
  3. L

    hiding only +ve numbers

    Hi I have the data below and I want to hide only positive numbers. So I went to Format Cells --> custom and typed ; I thought that would ignored the +ve only since I did not write anything for the positive. I know custom format is like this positive; negative; 0; text so ignoring positive...
  4. G

    IF function failing to create blank due to formula

    Hi, I'm working with formula =IF(Finance2!D15<>"",Finance2!D14,"") So if there is data in D15 (Column actual) , D14 (target) value is used. If not it remains blank. Its basically creating a cumulative total as row 15 has a target every month already entered for the year, so the cell i have...
  5. TheRogue

    Conditional Formatting w/ a Variable

    I have an INPUT cell (let's call it A1). Elsewhere, I have a table with 20 columns. I want to use conditional formatting to highlight a number of columns equal to the # in A1. (If a 2 is typed, Column1:Column2. If a 5 is typed, Column1:Column5.)
  6. E

    Formula to generate a set number in each cell

    Good morning, I am working on a sheet and I am rusty on my Excel formulas. I have a column that needs to auto fill based on certain criteria. If a number typed in column B is 130,131,132,133,134,135 then column C needs to equal 25.8, if the number typed in column B is 136,137,138,139 then...
  7. M

    Excel "Database"

    Ok i have asked this question already before but i have gotten no where. I have simple standard cell that i enter a Name, Company, City/State, phone, and email. I would like for that information to be transferred to a table on a different sheet. I then want to use the name cell from the first...
  8. A

    Formula needed

    i need to know theres any formula can show me when ''date and time'' i typed that data per each cell ? thanks in advance
  9. L

    vba functions are not under application.(dot)

    Hi I wanted to use Trim function (Application.Trim) in my code. So I went to Object Browser and typed Application, thinking that under Application, I will see these functions. Otherwise why it is (Application.trim). But to my surprised, I could not find Trim or other functions under...
  10. I

    Userform question please

    Evening, I have a form where i have 8 text boxes & a command button just for closing the form. I need to type in these text boxes BUT i do not wish the transfer to worksheet etc. I need the text i type to stay in each text box. Then later down the road i wish to edit the text in a text box & be...
  11. A

    Turning Data in to a 1

    Hi All On m work book I have shifts in put in to cels. Such as 13:00 - 21:00 in one cel. However on another worksheet I want that to show as a 1. So basically when ever numbers are typed in on a sheet I want a 1 to show, However if a word is typed I want a blank cel Can anyone advise?
  12. P

    Help with incrementing number and keeping text the same

    Hi there, I have this string in A1: Player 1 and I'd like to setup excel so no matter what I typed I A1, that all the other predetermined cells auto increment by 1. For example: If I typed "Player 1" in cell A1, then cells A2 through A40 would change to "Player 2", "Player 3", etc. Hope...
  13. P

    Conditional Formatting - 'Invisible' typing before pressing 'Enter' - Any help, pls?

    Using MS Excel 2007 / 2007 I have cells which contain formula to copy data from equivalent cell on previous sheet, ie in February C26 sheet, it will show the data in January C26 sheet. Consequently, I had a column of ‘0’ which I didn’t want showing, so used Conditional Formatting to set ‘If...
  14. J

    IF & AND Functions error

    Hello all, Can someone correct the below formula please? Message I get is The formula you typed contains and error. =IF(AND($P$6="F1",=IF(T15>$AH$13,$AJ$12,IF(AND($P$6="F1",IF(T15>$AF$13,$AH$12,IF(AND($P$6="F1",IF(T15=$AL$12,"",$AF$12))) Maybe I need different functions?
  15. R

    Unique value in a cell

    Hi, how do I ensure within a range of cells in a worksheet only a unique value can be entered even when pasting into the cell. The data validation function works well for this if the data is typed in but not pasted. Is there a VBA function that I can use? your help will be greatly appreciated
  16. L

    fraction numbers

    Hi I formatted a group of cells to Number-->Fraction. The entered 1/2, 1/3, 10/12 and I got these number 1/2,1/3, and 5/6 in the right hand side of these cells (so far so good) but when i typed 10/11 or 11/12 , I got 1 in the middle of the cell? Why is that? Thank you.
  17. Z

    Data Validation and VBA

    Hi, I have one cell with Data Validation - list that allow choose only values "AAA", "BBB", "CCC". The value can by typed or scanned from barcodes. Scanning works rather like pasting so excel does not display alert if value is "DDD". This is OK for me but I do not want to input data if scanned...
  18. J

    please help me tio find formula

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 Ravi Ravi 2 mahesh mahesh 3 mahesh Kalpesh 4 Ravi 5 Kalpesh 6 Ravi 7 Ravi 8 Kalpesh 9 Mahesh 10 11 </tbody> The 'A" raw has a name of people. I want the name in "F" raw...
  19. P

    Macro to create a new sheet as per Cell values typed in a range

    Dear All, I am using Excel 2013 and I would like to have a macro which should create a new sheet when a value is typed in a cell and entered in the range eg A2:A100 If Sales is typed in Cell A2 a new sheet should be created in the workbook with the name Sales, if Expenses is typed in Cell A3...
  20. M

    Vlookup & Custom Cell Formatting Question

    Please see the table below for the cells referenced in my question...... Cell D1 is Data Validation from cells A1:A18 If cell D1 = Cell A2 then I need the value typed into cell E1 to contain the symbol in cell B2 $15 If cell D1 = Cell A7 then I need the value typed into cell E1 to contain the...

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