1. M

    HELP! Index match, VLOOKUP, Not sure what to do

    hello! This is my first post so please bare with me. I am trying to make a configurator for work. Here is what I'm trying to do: B22 is a Drop down list made from Data validation. This list contains different types of equipment that is placed on different Chassis. I want to be able to click...
  2. W

    Need Help with Array Formula to return multiple results for specified criteria

    Hello Excel Users! I need some assistance on an array formula for a summary table that will show multiple results for a set of criteria: Selected Employee Selected Year Only Leave Types: Call Off, In Late, Leave Early The first formula I tried with the leave type conditions but it said I was...
  3. R

    Declaring variable types within an array

    I have an array with a mix of data types (strings, dates, integers, etc...). When I use the watch window for debugging, some date values show up as dates, but others as a real number (which isn't very helpful). Not sure how that happens, but that question is for another time. In the...
  4. D

    VBA - What variable types should be manually unloaded at the end of a macro

    Hi, I'm trying to make myself a cleaner coder, and hopefully write code that does not slow down every time I run it. Can anyone help me with a list of variable types that need to be set to nothing or unloaded from memory manually at the end of a macro? Thank you, Daniel
  5. C

    Formula Help

    Hello, I need some help with creating a formula. Basically, I am counting up all the letters in a row (P, F, U, B, S) and then I want to minus from the calculation the count of (L) in the row … however, if L = or > zero, I want the cell to be 0 . my current formula...
  6. P

    Charting Descending Values with Bars Coloured by Type

    Hi, I have a set of data that has three colums; a centre identifier, the type of asset it is (each centre will be classified as an asset type and I have 5 different asset types) and the profit it makes. I have seen a chart before where it shows each centre's profit as a bar (so you get a visual...
  7. P

    adSchemaTables is missing some types of queries/views

    I've written code in my Excel front-end to list all queries/views in program's backend db (MS Access .mdb file). I've done this by using the adSchemeTables, but I've found that the schema only includes select type queries. The other possible query types (Update, Delete, Append, etc) are *not*...
  8. S

    Create target cell from multiple cell results ?

    I am looking for a solution to allow me to quickly retrieve information from a reference list within excel. Lets say I have 4 lists of information for events. These located in columns AF, AM, BF and BM On the working area, I have 4 cells. Cell 1 = user types "A" or "B" (Event classification...
  9. G

    Ensuring a - symbol converts to a 0

    Driving me insane right now. I have multiple users on the same spreadsheet. When a value is zero some enter 0 and some enter - Is it possible to format the cell so if someone types - it automatically changes to a zero Thanks
  10. V

    Excel file types - best describe

    Hi Team, Can any one best and simple describe me excel file types definition.. where user can easily understand the differences..
  11. B

    Keyword tracker

    I'm looking to create spreadsheet to collect certain keywords. i get a daily report of certain types of calls that come in from customer. i would like to track certain types of calls ex. payments, acct inquiry etc; day to day, month to month, year to year etc. So i can start forecasting used for...
  12. S

    Accounts that don't contain a Contract Type

    Hi, Hope I'm asking this in the right place! I'm using Web Intelligence Rich Client. I have lots of account number that can have many Contract types assigned to it. I want to list all the account that DONT have "With Maintenace" logged against it (but could have various others). I have...
  13. B

    Sumifs + match formula

    <tbody> I am able to get the below to return the correct values but I need it to do a match instead of me telling which row to look at =SUMIFS('Item Types ST Weekly'!$D7:$BD7,'Item Types ST Weekly'!$D$2:$BD$2,">="&$D7,'Item Types ST Weekly'!$D$2:$BD$2,"<="&$E7) ** MATCH($C7,'Item Types...
  14. D

    Show/Hide Rows by user input

    Hi probably been asked 100,s of time but can't see what I'm looking for. Can you open a worksheet in excel & only show rows relevant to whats types into an "InputBOX" ie a number code. Also ensure nobody can view rows that are not relevant to themselves.
  15. R

    VBA to follow hyperlinks to different files and save in alt folder

    I have a workbook with a column of 1000+ hyperlinks that link to numerous files of different types in numerous different folder locations on one drive and I want to automate the process of saving those documents to one folder location using the adjacent cell as the file name. There will be a mix...
  16. S

    VBA make outlines for row classess

    Hi Guys, I dont know that I correctly described the idea but let me show what I mean: <tbody> Name Type Pcs Random name 1 A 1 Random name 2 A 6 Random name 3 B 3 Random name 4 B 4 Random name 5 C 6 Random name 6 C 8 </tbody> Now I want make a macro which will be separating rows...
  17. gheyman

    ACCESS: Combobox Duplicates

    I have a table that has a Field called "Status". There are five types. The types, like "Active" are listed numerous times in various rows in the table (As are the other 4 types of status). I need to make a Combo-Box that has a list of the different choices. If I just use the table field as...
  18. azizrasul

    Making text UPPERCASE

    I have a .xlsx file which cannot be macro enabled due to security issues when the Excel file is emailed. I have some cells which when if the user types in text in lowercase, I want it automatically to go to UPPERCASE. Is this possible?
  19. Z

    VBA to return vlookup value and clear

    I'm sure this is pretty easy but for some reason I can't figure it out. I have a sheet that the user types in cell B3. Cell I27 is a vlookup for what the user types in. If the lookup value returns the word "RITZCRAFT" I would like to call userform1. If it returns anything else I would like to...
  20. R

    Help understanding variant arrays.

    Hello, I taught myself to make macros in Excel VBA and I have some gaps in my knowledge. I recently looked at optomising some of my code and learnt that you can use a variant array to store varing data types in the same array. Previously I used a string array for both text and numeric values...

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