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    using "<>" (not equal to) as part of COUNTIFS

    I'm having a very specific problem and I'm hoping somebody here can put me out of my misery!! I have this COUNTIFS in place which does exactly what it needs to... =COUNTIFS(C$5:C$66,"AM",D$5:D$66,"Please Select") which is counting on a team calendar to show how many AM slots (in column C)...
  2. L


    Hi Guys I have several workbooks that have multiple worksheets from 80 to 3000 tabs trying to workout an easy way of searching for the word 'unassigned' on each sheet and changing the tab colour, if found. Is that possible?
  3. F

    Calculating average value with specific conditions

    Column A - 'Date Received' - contains date values Column B - 'Status' - contains 'In Progress', 'Unassigned' and 'Closed' values Column C - 'Product' - contains 'Product A', 'Product B', 'Product C', 'Product D' values Cell D1 = Today's Date I need two formulas, where the calculation will...
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    IF, AND, OR conditions in the same formula

    Column A = "Status". Values: Unassigned, In Progress, Rejected, Not Proceeding and Complete Column B = "Date Closed". Values: Date I need a statement where I get a 1 value when all the following conditions are met: 1. Date Closed is not blank AND 2. Status = "In Progress" OR "Unassigned"

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