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    Formula to find, change and highlight Cell based on Specific criteria

    I have three columns of data, Assignment, Category, and Amount. What I need is to find when the Category is equal to USOCOO, within each Assignment, then find the Category with the highest Amount, then change the "USOCOO" to the highest Category and change cell color to 0.799981688894314. Here...
  2. M

    How to manipulate boxes

    How do you make a box or column wider for a certain area while leaving the rest of the column below unchanged? Thank you in advance.
  3. H

    Formula to convert anything above decimal 7 to 9

    Hi, I would like to convert the decimal which is equal or higher than .70 to .99 For eg. 12.75 changes to 12.99 10.82 changes to 10.99 else all the other figures remains unchanged 10.39 does not change 19.69 does not change Thanks in advance Hiten
  4. S

    IF Statement with a Value Unchanged

    So I have a couple cells, 2 of them are dates of contract starts and ends. I then have cells which contain the current Trade Up Quote that changes every 3 months. I want to create an IF statement within the cells that contain the Trade Up Quote values that shows when the contract end date is...
  5. S

    Fixing cells ($) for multiple cells

    I know I can put a $ sign for all references in a formula for a cell by pressing F4, but is there a quick way for doing this for multiple cells (e.g. a column) or do I have to go through all the cells individually? e.g. =A1 =A2 =A3 to =$A$1 =$A$2 =$A$3 Thanks

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