1. L

    advanced filter - OR vs AND

    Hi Please I need your help to understand Advanced filter. In the example below, the author said to use advanced filter that means to use OR condition. and he created the criteria and found this I understood all the above but what I do not understand, when I use a regular filter to filter...
  2. B

    Clean up code

    Hi guys, bit of a novice at VBA and I have pieced together a workbook combing code I have recorded, sourced on the web and with help from this board. The code seems slow and clunky and I've now started to get 1004 errors. Is anyone willing to take a look and try and clean up the code for me? i...
  3. spencer_time

    Trying to understand ByRef and ByVal

    Hello again guys, I'm still trying to learn VBA and excel macros as best and fast as I can and one of the ways I have been doing that is posting my problems for you guys to help me with AND looking at others posts and attempting to help them with their problems. I was trying to help someone and...
  4. A

    How this codes work?? Any master could explain?

    Hi, thanks for visiting my post. Basically I have the code already and they do work. But I dun understand the logic behind. For learning purpose, anyone could teach me why the below works? Codes dun understand have been highlighted Please assume I am a beginner. Task: To copy some cells with...
  5. L

    datedif() arguments

    Hi I want to understand datedif() function. What I do not understand the logic behind "Y", "YM", MD" Why YM to find month, why not only M? and why MD to find day? why not D same as Y for year. I do not understand the logic behind YM and MD? Thank you so much = datediff(A1,today(),"Y") - to...
  6. C

    Split Collums by Category

    Hi everyone, I need the example below to look like the example right of the arrow. I only want to take the Ashleigh data and all the numbers under Ashleigh and have that data to the side. Can anyone help me understand how to do this?
  7. earthworm

    Skip Macro with IF Condition

    If i want to skip one macro if the value in cell for example A1 is 0 then move to next macro . How can i do this. I am not sharing any example because i only want to understand the formula construction
  8. L

    example using boolean

    Hi I understand how boolean variables work. However, I am looking for a simple code that use boolean to understand it better or to see how it is used really. I created the code below but to me that does not make a lot of sense, I have seen this example on the net. Sub myboolean() Dim...
  9. A

    Target.Column + 8?

    Hello I have an Excel spreadsheet that will be used for data entry without userforms (to allow for Mac users). I intend on password protecting it to make data entry easier. It works as I hope however I found the code on the internet and whilst it works I don't quite understand one line of code...
  10. J

    formula help

    Hi I have a formula in a spreadsheet which i need help to understand This is the 1st part of a calculation. I understand the rest of the calculation except this natural logarithm =((LN(D5/10)*-0.5179)+2.66)*D6 This is then the following =((LN(temperature/10)*-0.5179)+2.66)*flow rate Values...
  11. H


    Hi I need to sum all the results from the column and understand SUMPRODUCT may be the answer. Any help would be appreciated :)
  12. kweaver

    Help me understand Dante's code

    Either Dante or someone else...I'm trying to work through this perfect macro Dante wrote for me but there are many things I don't understand in my novice VBA. The main thing is the scripting dictionary. I've been trying to read about this but it's not sinking in. I don't understand, for one...
  13. S

    VBA for Displaying Multiple Records based on row & columns

    hi guys, I want the someone who can write VBA codes for matching rows & columns please see the gif file to understand. i do not want index match. any other way ?
  14. D

    Help unstanding this formula?

    Hi, please can someone help and tell me what this formula is looking for or doing? =OFFSET('Current weeks data'!$A$1:$W$1000,,,COUNTIF('Current weeks data'!$K:$K,">"&0)+1) It's the last part I don't understand but if you could explain it all just incase im mistaken. Thanks Dan
  15. L

    Highlight Unique Values

    Hi I am trying to understand the code below but I am having difficult time to understand these lines and what they do rng.FormatConditions.Delete Set uv = rng.FormatConditions.AddUniqueValues uv.DupeUnique = xlUnique Thank you very much. Sub find_unique() Dim rng As Range Set rng =...
  16. Z

    Can someone please help me understand a formula from an ExcelisFun video?

    He goes over a little too fast for my newbie ears: I managed to adapt the formula to extract data from non adjacent COLUMN(S), but I don't understand the following: What part the AGGREGATE and SMALL functions play? Why he has to subtract the second ROW reference and divide? What the <>...
  17. C

    Understand Indirect + Cell function combination

    Hi, I watched a tutorial and tweaked my formula to make drop down lists in all cells searchable, rather than just 1x searchable drop list in cell F5 on the Forecast sheet. I changed the formula from, =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Forecast'!$F$5;'Master data'!C2));MAX($D$1:D1)+1;0) to...
  18. D

    vba understand step meaning

    Hi, I am trying to understand what does the vba do in the highlighted section: For i = LastRow To 2 Step -1 If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range(Cells(2, "C"), Cells(i, "C")), Cells(i, "C")) > 1 Then Rows(i).Delete End If Next I Kind Regards, Dan
  19. V

    Need formula understanding

    =(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)-1)*("19:00"-"7:00")+IF(NETWORKDAYS($AG2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10),MEDIAN(MOD($AG2,1),"19:00","7:00"),"19:00")-MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AF2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)*MOD($AF2,1),"19:00","7:00") can anyone pls explain and understand me how this...
  20. M

    Reference Column that Auto Changes

    I have Column A that references another column on another tab. So I have cell A10 referencing W2 on tab 2. I want column A to change automatically when Column W on tab 2 changes (i.e.- a row is deleted) and not display any errors such as #REF . I understand why it does that, but I don't know...

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