1. L

    undo read only excel file

    Hi I saved a file as read only (save-->tools-->others--> checked [] read only). Now even for me, it open as read only. If I want to save it, it will create a copy of it and save the copy but original one is still read only. How can I undo Read only or that is not possible? Thank you. Thanks
  2. H

    VBA code for undo

    Hi, I am looking for a vba code for my module which will undo my works. thank you
  3. A

    redo and undo in worksheet.change macro

    Hello How to prevent Redo and undo from being disabled in worksheet.change vba?
  4. rediffusion

    Undo/Redo or CTRL+Z – CTRL+Y »» does not work for my own macros

    Cross-post! I have macros ··· to fill; font color; insert note. For them, not working Undo/Redo (which are located on the QAT) or CTRL+Z – CTRL+Y. I Found these links wellsr.com and jkp-ads.com there is info, though it is not clear how to combine it all with all my macros!? :confused: 1...
  5. N

    Macro to Paste Values over filtered selection

    Hi, I've developed a macro that pastes values for a highlighted selection even if that selection is filtered. Two questions - have I done this correctly? Is there a way to build in an undo function? Obviously since it's a macro you can't just hit the undo button. Sub PasteRight()...
  6. A

    Undo Not Working

    I've been working on this spreadsheet for a while now, and I'm not sure what I put in the code to make it stop working because it was working fine until today. I went to the Registry Editor and made an UndoHistory entry and it will undo an entry if I have a cell selected and want to undo the...
  7. L

    convert now() to general

    Hi I typed =now() and I got 4/25/19 8:31, then I changed cell format to general and I got 43580.3552 My question, how can I get 4/25/19 8:31 back (day and time) from that number 43580.3552 ? (suppose undo is not working)
  8. T

    Undo / Redo Shortcuts & VBA

    Hi In my workbook, I have disabled Formula Bar and Headings (from View). This file is password protected. Password. I have 'auto-hide' ribbon too. However, by doing this, the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons that sits on the top in the "Quick Access Toolbar" disappears. Yes, we can always take our...
  9. L

    undoing read only

    Hi I can make an excel file as a read only, save as-->tool--> check read only (no password just read only). Now I open the file and it is read only. How can I undo that? I mean I remove read only thing. Thank you very much
  10. M

    Altering code from Worksheet_Change so that Undo works

    Hi, I posted a question about this earlier, but have discovered a little bit more on my own and have run into a different problem. With the following code, the Undo function is effectively removed. Do I have any options for replicating this code but not making it a worksheet change dependent...
  11. Dan Wilson

    Undo and Redo not available

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows 10. All of a sudden the Undo and Redo functions in the Menu bar are grayed out and when I position the mouse over them, it says the function is not available, use Control-Z which does nothing. I have looked through the options, but I...
  12. L

    Custom UI Editor - QAT Undo Button Question

    I have the following XML Code to present the user with UNDO & REDO QAT Options in my workbook The commands and buttons do work - However I am only able to UNDO (or REDO) 1 level back - I was hoping to get several UNDOs if needed Not sure how many are provided in standard Excel Ribbon but I...
  13. T

    ExecuteExcel4Macro to set column width

    How can I use ExecuteExcel4Macro to set a column width? The reason I want to do this instead of through VBA is that ExecuteExcel4Macro seems to keep the Undo stack intack whereas VBA will clear the Undo stack. I tried this but it didnt work: Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro...
  14. S

    VBA: Undo Last Action

    Hello, Hope you are all well. I love my Macro's, they're great. From time to time though, I run one of my macros and something happens that I didn't anticipate. Normally, when such a thing happens I can hit the key command Control + Z and then boom! I can undo the last action that I've done...
  15. L

    undo in vba

    Hi Can I wrote a code to undo whatever I have done. at any level, Sheet/Range/cells. I just want to create a button and assign macro to that button to undo whatever user did? Thank you so much.
  16. B

    Simple VBA for Undo - Run-time error '1004'

    I have a pretty simple bit of code that I'm having trouble with. All it is supposed to do is Undo the last action, then format a target cell. If it is run twice in succession, I get the error - Run-time error '1004' undo of object _application failed. For instance, if I type the word "test"...
  17. D

    2016 VBA File Open -- "Reopen" message is not displayed???

    I have a macro that enables a simple Undo of a macro update of a sheet. After the macro is run the user is asked if they want to Undo the update. With 2016 I'm experiencing a problem shown in the image at https://www.screencast.com/t/AVZvslfnhFM which is also described below... If they say...
  18. J

    Change cell color when value changes and UNDO using VBA

    I am currently using the following code to change a cell's color when the value in that cell changes, Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 6 End Sub However, I want to be able to use the "UNDO" button to change the value back and clear the cell...
  19. S

    Undo is not available when multiple windows are open? Really??

    Has anyone else noticed that Undo is not an option if you have multiple windows of the same workbook open? Is there a way around this? I enjoy having two windows open when working with multiple monitors instead of toggling between worksheets.
  20. S

    Back arrow (Undo) is greyed out after running any script

    Whenever I test a macro, (with what is normally a non-successful result) I cannot Undo the operation by clicking the Undo arrow to go back, I have to close the file and start over with a fresh copy. Hugely annoying...Anyone know why?

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