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    Range.Delete causes unexpected Click event

    Good, bleary-eyed, morning folks, Today's conundrum is that using Range.Delete(xlUp) is causing unexpected _Click events (two in fact) in a ListBox. I have a named range, "List", covering $A$3:$A$7 which is used in the box's ListFillRange property and as data in the Sub UpdateList. A second...
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    Formula array in VBA causes subroutine to exit

    Hi, I'm trying to implement to use an array formula to take a value and find the smallest difference from a list of known values. The array formula works fine when I manually input it: ' =MIN(ABS($A$5:$A$502-E5) ' + CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER and when I record this using the macro recorder I get the...
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    Hyperlink Changes

    Opened a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) I use frequently with numerous hyperlinks in it - almost all pointing to files elsewhere on my C: drive - to find that every hyperlink has been "readdressed" (with the correct filename) to the Excel folder buried in Documents and Settings/Username/Application...

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