1. M

    Return a summing and averaging filtered gain or losses values.

    Hi, As in a sample sheet enclosed herein the data contains three columns and headers like weeks, location and Gain or Loss, I already worked out for Sum and Average (Column C27:C30) of values gain and loss (unfiltered category) I am looking a formula for Sum and Average (Column C32:C35) of...
  2. G

    Unfilter only the active column

    Dear Forum members Looking for some help here, I am relatively new to VBA so this might be elementary for some of you, although I do not know how to do it I have a large Excel spreadsheet with about 6000+ rows and 25+ columns I have filtered all the column headings using Data > Filter For...
  3. gheyman

    VBA to unfilter all columns

    Is there a way to unfilter columns using code? I have code that chokes if the user has any filters on. I want to in-filter all before my code runs.
  4. B

    Since upgrade, value labels on chart not working properly

    Hi all I had a combo clustered/stacked chart that up until mid last week was working fine as far as value labels were concerned. Since then I have had the Office upgrade, and the Labels have busted. Specifically, the chart is filtered to only show 3 months of the year (May/June/July). The...
  5. D

    VBA code for a table

    Hi all, I am using VBA today and I am struggling to put together a code that would work. Basically, I have huge table (B8:AH177) and I want VBA to sort the table in a descending order according to column S8 (S9:S177). Some of the data is not available, therefore it appears as #N/A in some cells...
  6. J

    Trouble with Filter/Unfilter Macro (shape as button)

    I'm new in VBA and I created shapes that will function as buttons in my excel document that will filter/unfilter data based on color that when I click the button (for example I click "Waterproofing") it will filter data whose boxes have the color (red under "Waterproofing"). My code looks like...
  7. C

    VBA Code refresh- unhide - unfilter - ungroup

    Hi All I am desperately looking for a Macro that would allow me with the click of a button to go through all the sheets of my workbook and do the following to every sheet: - ungroup columns and row - unfilter - refresh - re filter - re group from the first sheet after the sheet that contains...
  8. R

    Sum Filtered Cells - Keep Total Sum When Unfiltered

    Hello, I have taken over doing our data at work for a little while and noticed that the previous person would click+click to get a total of the summed cells when they were filtered. I know that you can Subtotal Filtered Cells, but I have to unfilter the cells when I am done. Is there a way to...

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