unhide columns

  1. A

    Button to Unhide Columns on two worksheets

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to VBA/Macro. I am trying to develop a DIY forecasting template and need some help creating four buttons. Request I would like to create buttons to consecutively unhide a column/row (preferably within a defined range) and have this button (macro) linked to another...
  2. S

    Excel VBA unhide columns across multiple sheets with click in cell

    I would like to add a macro to my workbook that unhides columns across 3 worksheets when I click in A1 on any of those worksheets. Here is what I have thus far: Macro to Unhide columns across those sheets: Sub OpenColumnsSummary() Dim wsMySheet As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating =...
  3. O

    if any columns hidden then ask if want to unhide before saving

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet that several people use, some of them regularly hide columns to make it easier to look at while they work, the problem is the forget to unhide the columns once they're done, I've figured out how to stop this with a 'Workbook_BeforeSave' private sub that unhides all...
  4. E

    What is this between the formula bar and the column headers?

    Hi there, I'm hoping that someone will just be able to take a quick look at this screenshot and tell me what it is I'm looking at. I've never seen it before, and it has just cropped up on a template I came across. I've used an orange rectangle to indicate what I'm looking at. From toggling...
  5. S

    Macro to hide and unhide

    Hello excel community. I have a problem, the solution of which will save me hours. I need something to unhide AX:FX if GX is "CUSTOM" and hide again AX:FX if HX is "OK" Can you please help ? Thanks
  6. J

    Code to Unhide All Columns Upon Deactivate Tab (when I change from tab 1 to tab 2, unhide tab 1 columns)

    Summary: I need to perform an action (unhide all columns) whenever I switch to a different worksheet. Detail: I have a file with 2 tabs (worksheets). Tab 1 contains daily data, and when people are done with the current week they group and hide the columns for that week. This allows them to...
  7. P

    Help with Conditional HideIf

    Hello- I have searched the forum, but have not been able to find this exact question. Found a bunch of related questions, but wasn't talented enough to translate them to solve my problem. =) I would like to conditionally autohide columns in response to a changes in the value of a single...
  8. K

    Unhide X number of columns based on Value in cell

    Hello, I hope somebody can help. I have a template I need to send out to multiple users (most of whom are NOT excel savvy). One of the items they need to complete is a dropdown with 10 choices. I have the data validation set for this and defaulted to choice of "NA" which they will change to...
  9. U

    Hide/Unhide Col

    I am having a problem with my macro, when I run it "A:H" and "O:T" Still end up hidden, I want them unhiden. Sub q2detail() ' ' q2detail Macro ' ' Columns("A:EQ").Select Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False Columns("A:H").Select Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False...
  10. R

    Macro that runs when a pivot table is created in a "New Workbook" and Show detail is used

    I have a workbook that runs a Macro which copies data into a "New Workbook", then creates a Pivot table. Column C in the Pivot table is hidden, but I want it unhidden when I "drill into column B (i.e. after a double click to Show Detail), but as it's in a new workbook...My Private Sub macro...
  11. J

    Columns really will not hide/unhide with VBA code

    I have searched the forum related to hiding & unhiding ranges, but none of the code examples/solutions have done the trick for me! I want to be able to unhide a column in multiple sheets with the click of a button. I then have a second button which will hide these columns. Here is my code...
  12. M

    multiple checkboxes with multiple hidden columns

    Hi there - thanks for your time in advance. :) I am trying to create a report from excel that does the following: i have my checkboxes in sheet 1, and i want to hide various columns if the checkbox is not selected in sheet 2. each checkbox is directly related to a column in sheet 2. example...
  13. R

    unhide sheets macro

    I have an excel file that has like 70 sheets that I need to unhide and it is a pain selecting each sheet one by one. I need help creating a macro that can first unhide all of the sheets in the file and format each sheet in print preview mode from columns A1 to I xl.End of data (to the last cell...
  14. P

    Unhide Columns one at a time

    Hello I would like to be able to Unhide columns that have been hidden by a different macro one at a time. I have a sheet that has dates at the top of each column starting at column H (Jan 08) this can theoretically go all the way to Column IV. I already have some code that hides any column...

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