1. J

    How do you go through each employee number and see if they have 2 codes to their ID?

    I was given a project to go through each employee ID going back to the first employee and see when they switched from union to nonunion. Below is an example of my spreadsheet. Using VBA, what code would I be able to use to go through each EE# and determine when they switch to union codes 99, 87...
  2. D

    Union Query with Lookup?

    I have a union query pulling information from two underlying tables. The underlying tables are using lookups to display a name instead of the primary key, so the data pulled in to the union query is the unique ID (numerical value). Is it possible to edit the SQL code in the union query to...
  3. JenniferMurphy

    Major design flaw in Union "operator"

    I just discovered what I consider a major flaw in the design of the Union (comma) operator. As illustrated in the workbook here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0799qr2uex4imf/AAAWi4Jhq4-vfCmuQTn4qo4Za?dl=0 The Sum function, when applied to a union of overlapping ranges, will sum the values in the...
  4. X

    Select Multiple cells, Combine in a sequence and paste them in next empty Row in another Sheet

    Hi, I am trying to copy multiple (Non Continuous) cells from sheet1 and wants to arrange them in an order (in a single Row) and paste them in next available Row. For example: <tbody> A B C D E 1 2 ABC 3 DEF XYZ 4 LEF 5 </tbody> now i want to paste them in next...
  5. M

    Selecting Multiple Ranges based on criteria Excel VBA

    I am trying to create a code that will form a PDF report based on criteria entered in on a Userform. Based on the inputs, certain tables will need to be selected to copy to a new sheet and then export that new sheet into a PDF. I am having troubles creating the range to be copied. Here is a...
  6. A

    Making Report With two separate query without relation vertically

    I want to make a report with multiple queries within the two separate area of a same report without influencing each other. For instance UNION function merge two queries vertically. Is there any way to do the same Horizontally?
  7. M

    VBA code to get totals

    I wonder if someone can help me with some VBA code to get totals? I will be able to write code to sort the columns according to column B (Description). I would like to first insert a row at the end of each Col B category. Then have the totals of all Col C (debit) and D (credit) calculated for...
  8. P

    copy data to different columns

    Hi All I have in Sheet1 Column A the data for about 3000 contacts which I want to split into individual contacts on sheet 2 going accross the columns. The problem is that some of the contacts use 4 rows, others 5 and some 6. This is causing me all sorts of problems. The only saving grace that...
  9. L

    Comments in Access SQL

    Hi, is there a way to add comments into my union query's SQL so I know what each query is exactly?
  10. S

    Syntax Error (missing operator) in query expression

    Hello, First, I am no expert (otherwise I wouldn't be here right?), but I am attempting to create a pivot table using several worksheets in a book and after inputting: SELECT * QA-Total union all SELECT * QA-IT union all SELECT * QA-Protocol union all SELECT * QA-Technical into...
  11. F

    If Then statement returning cell contents

    I am trying to work an If Then formula that will return the contents of a cell. F78 = locations the Dr can practice (this is mult-select), C78 = Name of Doctor, C56 = location name. What I need is if the location is listed in F78 to populate the Doctors name. For example the location list...
  12. caringsharingbristolbilly

    Access union query not showing in Excel connection list

    Hi all, I've done a few searches for this, and while others seem to be having the same problem, the causes seem like they might be different. I'm trying to connect to a union query in Access from Excel (both on Office 365 and updated). I built the two different select queries separately as '1'...
  13. T


    I apologize up front as I know enough about Access to be dangerous. I have a database created with 2003 that I'm running on 2016 and Windows 7; keep getting the "in use" message when I try to save to 2016, but that beside the point. In a table, I have a date field using the numeric format...
  14. J

    For Loop Over Multiple Ranges

    Hello all, new to the forum but not to the site. Found many an answer or direction to start when dealing with my macros. So thanks for that. Unfortunately my current issue is above my skills and I can't find a forum that helps me find the answer, or I'm just not searching for it properly. I'm...
  15. R

    Multiple Range (union) Copy-Paste

    Greetings! I am working on a simple macro that will copy a header row and other row within the same sheet and pasting it into a new sheet. This action repeats until all rows have been copied, however right now I am getting a "This action won't work on multiple selections" error '1004' and...
  16. N

    Merging two tables with identical fields using specific criteria

    Hi All, I am not a super-star SQL writer or database programmer, so I am trying to figure out how to do something in Access. I have two tables. Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. They both contain the same number and type of fields. I would like a query that does the following: Return the data from...
  17. L

    For Loop within For Loop - Modifying Bar Chart Data Selection Range

    Hello guys first post here, So, I have a list of automotive parts, their start of production, and the capacity of the line like this: Current Part W Part X Part Y Part Z July, 2016 August, 2016...
  18. C

    union , multiselection with .Find method and static range

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling with the following code which you can see below. It is totally a pain in the *** now. I really need some help. This code is a search tool which looks for criteria from every worksheet except the summary and the list. After the .Find founds the word, then the code...
  19. E

    Using UNION and Ranges To Speed Up Deleting Many Columns?

    Trying to use Union and ranges to speed up deleting empty columns, but going wrong somewhere with the code. I read here that deleting columns individually slows down performance significantly. Script speed can be improved by defining a "master" range to include all the ranges (columns) to be...
  20. E

    Can someone explain union , Const and

    Hello people, Could someone explain following terms/declarations or whatever you call it: Const Union Concat Chr I did read some on Microsoft website but I didnt understood. Could someone help me? Thank you in advance

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