unique identifier

  1. B

    Parent Child Structure in Excel

    I am building a worksheet as an estimating program. What I would like to do is use forms to build a structure and store the inputs to sheets. I would have a Estimate Form that I would enter the particulars and assign a unique estimate #. From this Estimate Form I would like to launch a Item...
  2. K

    Create unique ID based off of adjacent cell

    I am trying to use a forumla to look at the value in column b then create a unique id in column a based off of that value. In the table below I have a 3 digit value (in column B) that may be repeated any given number of times and if so I want the corresponding text in column "A" to equal that...
  3. J

    Copy/Paste Data from Multiple Workbooks Into One and Adding A Unique Identifier

    I'm new to VBA, but have been trying to teach myself the basics. I was able to copy and paste from multiple workbooks onto on macro-enabled workbook. I need to transfer all data, even duplicated. I want a unique identifier for each of the workbooks that were pasted into my master. Here is my...
  4. E

    Macros in Excel 2011 - Selecting Rows by Unique Identifier

    I'm looking to use macros during a process of exporting data from Excel to Word. As the first step in this process I'm needing to select multiple rows (number will vary depending on number of classes attended) of information based on unique identifiers for each student that has attended...
  5. C

    Excel VBA Macro - Merging Rows on a Unique Identifier while Keeping Unique Data and Adding Values Together

    I have a large excel spreadsheet where I need to merge rows on a unique identifier. I'm trying to develop an Excel VBA macro but still lack the proficiency to tackle this. Here is a picture of an example of what I'm trying to do. The data including the headers are all made up for the example...
  6. I

    Unique IDs for records run each week

    We have our new employees fill out a form with name, address, tax info, etc. each week. (They all do it at the same time.) I then get 20 PDFs and export all the data to a CSV. We now want to import that CSV into our payroll software. However, the payroll software requires a unique ID for each...
  7. G

    Formula that creates a unique number for repeating list numbers

    Hi Mr. Excel Whiz Kids: I need a formula that will add .1, .2, .3, etc. to a repeating list number. See the example below. <TBODY> Project Work Id</SPAN> 8069000</SPAN> 8069000</SPAN> 8069000</SPAN> 8069000.1</SPAN> 8168000</SPAN> 8168000</SPAN> 8169000</SPAN> 8169000</SPAN>...
  8. D

    sumproduct of unique instances only

    Picture 2 columns: Col A uniquepersonID | Col B dd/mm/yy | There can be multiple instances of the same unique person ID - a person can appear in the data numerous times. For each month of the year I would like to know the number of individuals who appear, not the number of total instances...
  9. D

    Identify blocks of the same value in a sequence with unique identifier

    Hi all - I'm trying to randomly generate a unique identifier for each block of the same value in a column. In my mind, it's something that searches for "groups" or "blocks" of records in column A and then assigned a sequential identifier in column B. I'm not picky about the identifier, I just...
  10. L

    Generating unique ID is excel 2010

    I have a spreadsheet with the following layout <TABLE style="WIDTH: 402pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=536><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 84pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 4096" width=112><COL style="WIDTH: 64pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  11. S

    Formula to look for unique ID in database & return value in cell to the right

    I need a formula that can look across a number of columns & rows for a unique ID, & once it finds that ID I need the formula to return whatever value is in the cell directly to the right of the unique ID...I'm sure excel has the capability to do this however I am currently having no luck after...
  12. S

    "Flag" Unique Values with Multiple Criteria

    I am trying to create a formula that will "flag" a single, unique combination of column A and column B. Column A is a unique ID, column B is a code, column C is the expected output of the formula. I only want to count the A3-A5 (2)/B3 and B5(2) Missing combination once. I only want a...

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