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    Showing unique entries in the Excel Name Manager

    I have a workbook with hundreds of names. As a result, the Name Manager is hard to navigate--see the image below. Additionally, nearly all my names are defined on a workbook level and refer to ranges, not tables. Consequently, the Name Manager's conventional filter options are useless for...
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    VBA saving file with unique name

    Hi, I have a code that performs a task for me and will save the file at the end. It currently saves as a name I have selected and today's date. The problem I now face is that I will be completing this task several times a day and it will not work as the file names will be the same. Is there...
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    Saving to both PDF and XLS with unique names

    Hi I'm working on a report which requires me to do the following from a 'master' worksheet, data in each row is unique to each recipient, but cell A1, B1, C1, etc defines their "customer number". Data in each row will be copied / used in an invoice and each invoice needs to be saved with a...

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