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    Creating New PO#s in a Table

    I'm taking over a spreadsheet made by someone else. The person is not contactable for assistance. I have a table that spans from A4:W514 and is called "CheckbookTable". I need a macro to create a new line in the table, but each new line needs to have a new and unique PO# in column L as well as...
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    Generate Unique number for data with certain criteria

    Hello Everyone, I have a sheet and I want to give certain rows a unique number, so when I delete those rows, the number will not be used again. I want to give every row where Column B is the same and Column D is the same and Column L is the same, the same number, so like this: <tbody> Column...
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    I have two sheets in Excel that both contain data and would like to merge data.

    Hi Guys, I have two sheets in Excel that both contain data. Both pages have a unique column which is labeled 'ItemNumber'. This runs from 100000 through to 106144. Apart from this column, both sheets have different columns with different data. I would consider the 'ItemNumber' to be the unique...
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    Conditional format non zero unique

    I have a multi-column 4 row table with zero or positive values. In each column I want to highlight the lowest non zero value if it is unique - not quite the same as the lowest unique value, which may not be the lowest value! So must be a Conditional Format formula I am relatively new to Excel...
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    Generating Sequential Order Numbers

    Greetings oh enlightened Excel Professionals! I humbly seek advice over a number of little issues... I have looked thru a number of the threads and answers already on this site but I do not see anything similar to what I am going to ask you. I want to develop an ordering system for my...
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    Giving a form a unique ID number

    I have created a form that when printed will be used as a rejection tag for isolating damaged or on-hold parts. Each tag that is printed must have a unique ID number. Is there a way to have excel automatically populate a field, giving each saved/printed tag a unique ID? For example, I open...
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    Tough question from my friends - Need your help

    Hello All- My friend consulted me a certain task in excel but could not figure out correctly. Here are the requirement; He has the first sheet HERE and here is the input; 1. In column Z, he want to input the machine number 1,2,3,4, etc 2. In column AA, he want to input the sequence number as...

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