unique value

  1. E

    Comparing two comma-delimited lists and getting unique values

    Hello! A set of data was gathered where it consists of name of certifications and those who have completed such certifications. Required certifications (certs to shorten) needs to have a 'Yes' filled out . What I'm trying to figure out is returning a list of what certs that are required against...
  2. T

    CopyToRange doesn't copy

    Hi all, I'm having an Excel and I want to create a list of all unique values in Column A and B and copy them to a new sheet. This is my current Excel: This is my code: Sub CreateUniqueList() Dim lastrow As Long Dim ws As String ws = ActiveSheet.Name Sheets.Add.Name = "mysheet"...
  3. J

    VBA: if cell contains number, return value from other cell

    Hi all, Hopefully an easy one In the below table, if a cell in named_range_2 has a number, I would like to return the corresponding value in named_range_1. I am working with a datasets with 1000's of rows if that makes a difference named_range_1 named_range_2 def 123 ghi hjk lmn...
  4. M

    Stitching values from one sheet to another

    Hi all, I'm using the following subroutine to stitch values from sheet "Stitch" col E to sheet "Sheet 1" col O If it is a match, we then copy data from col F & G into col L & K onto Sheet 1. This works if I have ONE match for each value in col E on "Stitch". But after using it for a while I...
  5. S

    Scan cell and identify unique values

    Input: Column1 A;1;C;A A;X;Z;3 Output: Unique of Column 1 A 1 C X Z 3
  6. ibmy

    Unique Value In Range Of Time

    Hi, Example of my 200k row data: ABCDE1TimeA21:00:00.0001.52:00531:30:00.0001.542:00:00.0001.252:01:00.0001.262:45:00.0001.372:50:00.0001.382:55:00.0001.592:59:00.0001.5102:59:08.0001.9112:59:59.0001.9122:59:59.0201.4133:00:00.0001.11422:00:00.0001.4A Column : Time B Column : Value D Column ...
  7. T

    Improve formula for dynamics list unique values based on two criteria

    I want to improve the formula for extracting unique zip code for 2019. I am currently using this formula but its very slowly: =IFERROR(INDEX('Project Data'!E:E;MATCH(0;COUNTIF('Dashboard Sales'!G114:$G$114;'Project Data'!E:E)+IF('Project Data'!L:L>=$E$113;1;0)+IF('Project...
  8. A

    MACRO/VBA - Extract unique values to different worksheet that meets a criteria

    Hi everyone. (NOTE: Due to company privacy policy, attaching file is BLOCKED by out IT Dept) I have to Worksheets. Worksheet 1 = Summary Worksheet 2 = Data What I want is to update Summary, for example starting at cell L47 down until L56 (all blank cells). I want to put values in there...
  9. D

    Restrict user to update duplicate value

    I have been struck in using multiple VBA coding, however not getting what I require. Hope someone will assist me in resolving my issue. There are certain entries that user is going to enter in excel in Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D and Column E. I require that user can update any value...
  10. N

    VBA code that returns a unique list of non consecutive items, for a lookup value from a table

    I need some vba code, that will return a list of unique non consecutive items from a table, when a certain value changes in one of the sheets. I have been trying with this formula, but I have had no luck. =INDEX('Price List'!$A$3:$C$57000, SMALL(IF('Price Sheet'!$B$4='Price List'!$A$3:$A$57000...
  11. D

    Get up to 3 unique values based on two criteria and put in variables in VBA

    Hi guys, I've searched high and low for a solution to my specific problem, but to no avail. Hence this post. I am developing an Excel database of drivers and the trucks they drove. These entries are being made via a userform throughout the month as they use the truck. The basic table as...
  12. L

    create dynamic dropdown based on UNIQUE values from a column within a table

    Hello expert Excel users! Below i will describe what is the purpose of my first forum post, so bear with me. So i have multiple tabs defined as tables in a big excel file. Each table has one or more columns but then, some of the tables do have common fields among them. What i want to do is...
  13. I

    Multiple Criteria: IF 2x 2-Column Matches then show corresponding value in parallel row (two sheets)

    Hi there, I'm wanting to create a formula that retrieves a unique cell value if multiple criteria are met. E.g. If 'Interface'!H8 matches item in 'ReferenceList'!ColumnT3:T245 & 'Interface'!I8 matches item in 'ReferenceList'ColumnU3:U245 then show corresponding value in...
  14. D

    Search data sheet for updated values, if value doesn't exist in other sheets then copy data range to specific sheet

    Help needed by anyone who can grant me some assistance. Here is what I am trying to accomplish with VBA. I have a workbook that contains 4 sheets - summary - rollup of campaign information from billing and impressions billing - campaign billing information impressions - campaign impression...
  15. M

    Unique Value Nightmare!

    Hi All! I am having trouble with formulas. One formula i have wont work, and I need a creative formula. Columns A and B: I have a long list of values, some will be repeated up to three times, some wont be repeated at all. The number of values in the list will vary every tie I use the...
  16. V

    Split workbook with multiple worksheets by first column entries, into multiple workbooks with same sheets (per entry)

    Good evening to all, It is very nice to meet you! I would like your help for a vba code to do the following: I have a workbook containing sheets A, B, C. All sheets have the column "Name" as their first column (there might be multiple lines with the same name). I would like to split the files...
  17. C

    Returning Unique Value Combined with an IF or Match statement

    Hello, I am looking for help with a formula to return a unique value once Excel has found a match. I will try and explain as best as I can. I have a column (Column A) in a master worksheet (Worksheet A) that compares two columns from two separate worksheets (Worksheet B and Worksheet C)...
  18. B

    Filter for unique values

    I Have a names in excel a1 to a13, i want to Filter for unique values, after getting the unique values, i change the Name to correct format, when ever i change the 1st unique value, how to automatically change the duplicate Values. Corret Name : Balu, Raju, When Ever i Change a1 Ballu to...
  19. K

    Index match and unique values

    Hi everyone. I've been racking my brain with this one for a while now and am hoping someone can help me to understand what change I need to make to return unique values. I have a workbook with two worksheets. One worksheet contains a list of every employee in my local organization, and in the...
  20. P

    Macro to Highlight First Row of Each Unique Value in Column

    Hello Experts, I need help with a macro that cycles through one column ("Week-Ending Date") of a formatted table that users are updating each week to find unique values (e.g. "6/25/2016 or "7/9/2016") in that column and then highlighting the first row with that unique value up and through...

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