1. F

    Random and unique number between 12345678 to 87654321

    hello i want to create list of random and unique numbers of 8 digits between 12345678 and 87654321 but any digit should not be repeat for example 12345678 ok 21345678 ok 32145678 ok 12245678 not ok. due to repeate of 2 87654321 ok 87754321 not ok due to repeat of 7 pls help
  2. C

    Issues using FILTER formula

    I am trying to use the FILTER formula to return only the results that meet a criteria listed on column B. On column A, I am using the UNIQUE function to bring unique values from a different table. Column B has 1/0 values related to the data on column A. In column C, I would like to have only the...
  3. M

    Unique or Sumproduct or something else?

    So I have a lot of data and someone has changed how it is imported! I needed to find how many different orders were taken by a salesperson in the month so ran this COUNTIFS(Dels!$O:$O,"BOB",Dels!$C:$C,">=01/08/2023",Dels!$C:$C,"<=31/08/2023",Dels!$H:$H,">0.00") which ran perfectly as all...
  4. T

    Formula to Extract Highest Unique from 2 Columns

    Hi, I'm looking for a fomula to help me extract the highest unqiue value in a 2 column list. I need a unique value from column B but it has to be the highest relevant value in column A. Example below of the desired result. Columns A & B to become C & D. Thanks as always for any help and...
  5. J

    Formula gets count of unique values not <> to a status - return those values...

    Formula gets count of unique values not <> to a status - return those values in a list to see what the text is for the not in X status.
  6. C

    Filter Data?

    Hello, I track the whole company's absence on a single excel tracker (excerpt below). At the end of each week, I am required to provide an individual absence report to managers in each location. There are currently 62 in the business across 8 locations and this is hours of work on a Friday. We...
  7. M

    #Value! Issue

    Hello everyone! I had this issue in excel on my laptop only and not on PC. I have created a table which is the Master of my workbook. I have used sumproduct, filters, unique function and it was all worked nicely on my PC. But for a sudden when i have move this sheet to my laptop all of the data...
  8. G

    Is there a way to use VBA code to identify unique rows in my data?

    Hello! I'm looking to see if there's a way to use VBA code to identify unique rows in my sheet. I have code that identifies unique in a column but cant seem to make it work for an entire row. My Data has 9 columns, and two of them are the main ones that will show me that the row is unique...
  9. E

    Count filtered unique values where sum of values in another column meets criteria

    Hello, hope you can help. I would like to use a formula to give the count of complete projects in [time range] where there is a total of <=1 hour spent on 'review' over the whole project - example sheet below. In this sample the desired answer is 2 as only project A and B meet the criteria...
  10. D

    Textjoin Calc error help

    Hi, I seem to be having error when using Textjoin. The worst part is that it was working fine, but file didn't saved and when I tried to replicate the formula, I keep getting now error Calc and cant see where is the issue. I have few tables, consisting of 2 columns each. 1 column has list...
  11. D

    Join multiple rows values in same cell, based on 2 conditions.

    Hi, I am trying to find the way to obtain a list of values in same cell, based on 2 conditions. I seem to be struggling with the right way based on below formula: =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(ColumnB,(ColumnA=A2)*(ColumnC="Yes"),""))) for some reason i obtain only 1 result instead of...
  12. R


    XUNIQUE is a powerful and straightforward alternative to the built-in UNIQUE with full control over data type(s) inclusion/exclusion (The code is modular (as all my other functions) allowing for easy swapping/optimizing over time. See all the modules below, after the description; and download...
  13. mrraulipina

    Selecting specific columns in a Transpose unique formula

    I have a table extract and i'm using a combination of transpose and unique formula to bring in values onto Q2. I'm trying to filter this data so it only brings in column D, E, I L, and O. I keep trying to use the FILTER function but I get errors. I only need the yellow items in my example...
  14. B

    sum list items and consolidate duplicates

    Hi, I have a list of codes (column A), and amounts of money (Column B). I would like to sum all of the codes but where the codes are the same, only have the sum for the first instance of that code from the list. eg see the example below TIA CODE AMOUNT RESULT CAT 5 11 DOG 6 16...
  15. I

    Table sorted by match and frequency

    Hi, would like to ask for help on this. I need to sort the table (new column with both new and theoretically repetitive tags added weekly) by match and frequency. Any idea how to do that? Example: first line - tag in row matches, most frequent amongst all columns second line - tag in row...
  16. R

    Count duplicate dates within a formula (no ranges)

    Hi I have a reference cell B2 which contains the year. I would like to create a formula that contains dates (not referenced in cells) and counts the duplicate dates. Within the formula I have the fixed dates DATE(YEAR(B2),1,1),DATE(YEAR(B2),3,2),DATE(YEAR(B2),5,1),DATE(YEAR(B2),5,9) and I would...
  17. A

    Using FILTER Function that ingnores blank Criteria cells if no values in it

    PART 1) I have a workbook that we keep track of all help hired along with a bunch of other information. I wanted to create a tab that will use the following criteria (State, Date Range, Used Multiple Times, Rehire Status) to retrieve the names of anyone who fit the criteria that is filled in. I...
  18. C

    Filter a list, source list is in 2 columns

    I am running a college football pool and I want to get a list of all of the teams that are playing in the games this year. I want to return the names of the teams in column K & M, in one column (separate schedule) if Column C is "2022". Is there a way to use the filter to pull from both...
  19. R

    Random value must be unique depending on date range

    Hello, I have a button that creates 12 month sheets for a specific year that is entered into an inputbox. The code below enters values (coming from a master sheet list) randomly every workday per month sheet created. I would like to have only unique random values per week, and a minimum of 2...
  20. C

    Excel (Formula/VBA) Help: Two sheets into one

    Hello, I have an absence tracker which records absence in a current 6-month rolling period and a previous 6-month rolling period. Each occasion of absence is recorded as a separate row and absence is manually added to the "current 6 month" sheet daily (as it occurs). A piece of VBA code then...

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