1. W

    Unique formula to return data to last row

    Please can someone tell me how I can amend this formula so that it returns all numbers in column F up to the last row, i.e. so that I can use it repeatedly on workbooks which have different rows of data. Sheets("Lists").Select Range("A2").Select ActiveCell.Formula2R1C1 = _...
  2. A

    Sorted array of unique items and their values with filter and sumifs

    I am currently working on an excel formula which give me a sorted array of unique items and their values. I have reconciled the steps in the following excel but couldnt crack it to one step. The difficulty is also higher due to the multiplication of two colomns (i.e. asset value & % ownership)...
  3. T

    Unique Pairs for 12 Players

    Hi All, I have a maths question I need your help with. I'm trying to generate 12 unique pairs for Badminton Doubles to not have the following: Player 12 not playing Player 4 three times (example Game 4, Game 5 and Game 6) Player 5 not playing Player 7, 8 and 11 more than once such as 7,8...
  4. M

    Match, Filter, unique, text join, search combination

    Hi All, I have a three sheets, Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3. Sheet 1 has Id's and email addresses columns, Each Id has many emails, sometimes blanks too,. Each Id has multiple rows in Sheet 1. Sheet 2 has list of keywords words to use as exclude lists for email addresses. Sheet 3 has Id's, and...
  5. M

    Get unique values from one column from all spreadsheets in a folder and copy to a new spreadsheet

    Hi, I have anywhere from 60-100 spreadsheets generated from a reporting process in a folder. Each spreadsheet has set number of columns (A through G). Column G (Notes) is used by end-users to put notes. I am working on creating a unique list of all these notes from all the spreadsheets in the...
  6. M

    VBA code to extract unique data across multiple sheets and multiple columns

    Hi everyone, I'm searching the web but I only found one code that kind of works but I need to make it more complex. Let me explain. My issue is that I have an Excel sheet with multiple worksheets, which all contain the same kind of information but are copied weekly by me. So every week, I will...
  7. P

    Generate Unique Number

    Hello To All, Need Formula to generate and apply unique number for "Import" or "Purchase" to create a sequence series. For export i want to apply original unique number which i can find by index & match. Attaching Table for the reference. Thank you in advance...
  8. L

    Textjoin multiple columns based on unique values in first column and highest value in another column

    My title might be confusing. So, here goes. I'm attempting to create a summary sheet of sorts for a weekly schedule. There are multiple tables throughout the workbook that represent days of the week and tasks for each day. View a portion of one of those tables in my "Thursday" tab below: I...
  9. L

    Data validation with unique formula

    I want to create a list with data validation taking unique values of the column #date of a table
  10. B

    VBA - Identify / mark distinct values in a range without COUNTIF

    Please see below example table. Column A has random numbers between 1 to 100 Column B has the following formula copied down starting from B2: =IF(COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)=1,1,0) I would like to get value of 1 in column B if the row in column A is distinct, else 0. This works well only for small...
  11. M

    VBA Macro to send multiple unique emails to unique addresses

    Hi, I am trying to create a VBA macro that will generate outlook emails based on unique information in the cells. Every email is different and is going to different people. I need it to be able to generate numerous emails at a time without having to rerun the script. My file is set up so that...
  12. M

    Remove duplicate values & keep row sequence with blanks

    hi friends! i'm using filter formula to build my list in column A. I have example of the formula in column D. what i am attempting to do is create a column like C where the duplicates are removed, only leaving the first occurring number. ideally I would like to wrap this formula around the...
  13. B

    Count first instance of duplicate value with multiple criteria

    Hi, Can I count the first instance of a duplicate value with multiple criteria? Based on below table we have the following: - 3 unique companies - 3 unique PO's - 12 items across 3 PO's Based on below table I want the following: - Cell B2: This cell should reflect the amount of PO...
  14. M

    Extract unique list from various sheets with combined unique and indirect function

    Hi, could you please someone correct the below mentioned formula, as i am looking to extract a unique list from various sheets by using unique and indirect function and it is returns result as #VALUE! =TRANSPOSE(SORT(UNIQUE(INDIRECT("'"&{"Sheet1","Sheet2","Sheet3"}&"'!A4:A37")))) Thanks for...
  15. N

    Formula Help

    I build a simple spreadsheet to keep track of the job numbers I work on through the day. In order to get paid, these job numbers have a corresponding SR number that I am pulling from a table. Some jobs may not have a SR number, so those need to be requested. I made a simple formula that should...
  16. S

    Group By Character Name and list all Scene numbers

    Hello All, Hope you are doing Fine. I have Excel data as shown in the below table. Can anyone help me to get the desired output? SCENE NUMBER CHARACTER NAME E01 SC 01 MICHAEL E01 SC 01 JACK E01 SC 01 ELIZABETH E01 SC 02 JOHN E01 SC 02 MICHAEL E01 SC 03 JACK E01 SC 03...
  17. B

    =unique formula giving duplicates

    Hey all!! I have a unique problem... pardon the pun haha. I have a really simple equation =IFERROR(UNIQUE('Lims Report'!D7:D5000,FALSE,FALSE),"") This formula has always worked for a simple list with no duplicates, and now I have a list using this formula that has given me a duplicate :( Has...
  18. M

    From as per various ranges return a sorted A to Z Unique distinct list.

    Hi, Here is required a formula assistance to make a sorted A to Z unique distinct values in Start from column A:12, as based on data values extracted from column A:3 to D:9. Sample enclosed for your reference. Thanks for the help...
  19. M

    Return a unique numbers of sales list, values as categorized smallest to largest.

    Hi, Required a formula help for generate a unique numbers of sales list as a sequence to be smallest to largest unique numbers without blanks as based on data contains in column A:G. Sample are enclosed, Thanks for help, ABCDEFGHI1Total Sales Units21015101410Return unique numbes...
  20. N

    Vba code to compare columns in different sheets

    HI Friends , I'm looking for a little help in Vba macro. I have two sheets ( category ) which has values like CURRENT ASSETS ,NON CURRENT ASSETS, CURRENT LIABILITIES ,NON CURRENT LIABILITIES , PROFIT LOSS Etc.. in the other sheet (Balance sheet) in column A i have CURRENT ASSETS ,NON...
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