1. R


    XERROR allows for conveniently generating most of the Excel errors as output to functions With XERROR, it is very easy to generate all but four of the Excel errors as output to functions. Error types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14 (i.e. #EXTERNAL!, #NULL!, #DIV/0!, #VALUE!, #REF...
  2. M

    VBA code to reset access mdb file permissions

    Hello. I have an 2003 access database (mdb file) with all tables having Unknown as owner except one table which has Admin as owner. Is there a way I can use VBA to transfer tables ownership from unknown back to Admin?
  3. S

    Insert Graphs based on multiple unknown size sets of data?

    I have a tool that creates a csv file with multiple tables of data. These tables are seperated by a blank line of cells. I want to be able to copy this data, and paste it into an excel sheet, and have the sheet auto generate a line graph for each table of data. Is there a way to do this? Example...
  4. L

    Equation for Data filtering

    Hi I am after an equation either sumif or countif, whatever is best for the following two scenarios. Scenario One I have created a workbook on excel with several sheets that automatically filters names of people that have attached specific tasks they complete onto a summary sheet. The sheets...
  5. B

    Returning 0 an if statement of reference cell is unknown

    Hi All, In cell T7,I am trying to calculate number of weeks between 2 date columns L7-K7 unless there is no date listed in L7, therefore it calculates from AB1 which has formula =Today() so it accumulates until a date is put in L7. The formula I have currently in cell T7 is below...
  6. Z

    Quick "if not found" code request

    Here's an easy one (for those of you who are not ME, that is)... I have a multi-tab workbook that includes a MASTER sheet as well as (usually) a sheet named "UNKNOWN". My code copies some data from MASTER to UNKNOWN...BUT...what happens if "UNKNOWN" isn't there? I'm sure it will crash because...
  7. M

    Unknown formula usage

    I have downloaded a spreadsheet and in the formula there is (@) symbol in the formula. What does it do or stand for? I am unfamiliar with is usage. =SUMIFS(ItemizedExpenses[Amount],ItemizedExpenses[G/L Code],[@[G/L Code]],ItemizedExpenses[Purchase Date],">="&D$3,ItemizedExpenses[Purchase...
  8. C

    What is an alternative to Index function?

    Currently using this formula to sum information from a large workbook. I want to link 5 workbooks so that certain info from workbook 1 will be visible all other workbooks and vice versa. =SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$K$9&"'!c$12:c$25"),F$10:F$23,INDIRECT("'"&$K$9&"'!h$12:h$25")) only problem with the...
  9. C

    Indirect SUMIF formula needed to calculate across multiple tabs and documents

    =SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&$C$5&"'!c$12:c$25"),$C$9:$C$22,INDIRECT("'"&$C$5&"'!M$12:M$25")) Currently using this formula to gather information from a spreadsheet which has a large number of tabs, 1 tab = 1 week of the year. The tab name is referred to as c5 in the above formula, the rest is standard...
  10. A

    Colour alternate rows with unknown range

    Hi All I want to change the color of the alternate rows starting from A3, but with unknown number of columns and rows. I have found the code below but I don't know how to apply to an unknown range, please could I have some advice? Dim r As Range Set r = Range("A3:A20") Dim tmp As...
  11. L

    Trim unknown character return right not left

    Hi - I am trying to extract the back half of a text string. example: Linda Marie | LINDAM or Julie Smith Jones | JSJS. I want to bring back the LMGOVIN and the JSJS. Basically everything after the "|" (there are 2 spaces after the "|" if that matters. I can get the item in front of...
  12. T

    Case in VBA

    For some unknown reason, when I type: .Value VBA changes it to: .value Does anyone know why?
  13. Tim_Excel_

    VBA print Variant Array to immediate window

    I have an Array that I use to populate rows in a Worksheet If rng1.Offset(0, 4) <> "" Then PValue = "DAYS" Else PValue = "ADHOC" If rng1.Offset(0, 5) = "PREVENTIVE" Or rng1.Offset(0, 5) = "REACTIVE" Then AGValue = "PART" Else AGValue = "CUSTOMER" If rng1.Offset(0, 5) =...
  14. R

    Best way to group survey results by ward reporting % of Yes results

    Not sure how to do this. worksheet has the results of and audit. Y is that the ward was compliant for that question, N no, N/A and Unknown column A has the wards audited columns B-A0 have the answers to the survey Questions in the form of Y N N/A and Unknown Eg A B C Ward Was...
  15. M

    I'm so close... Concatenating a date and adding 30 days

    (Why is my forum tools add on making the data look like this? Am I using an old version?) This is even mission critical, I just want to do it on my invoices because it can be done. I currently just manually add 30 days to the invoice date, then use the last four digits of the customers...
  16. M

    Defining a list to lookup, then matching a value

    You guys have improved my excel knowledge by leaps and bounds, but I need a little help! :) My wife brought me this question tonight and I feel like this would be a nested match formula but I'm failing to make it work. For some reason "Forum Tools" isn't working nicely with Excel 2016 for...
  17. T

    Mailing Body + Range as Picture to e-mail in file

    Hello, I have been writing a lot of macros already, unfortunately never got proper education for it so in practice I'm probably making things too complex. However, in the end always made it work. In this case unfortunately, I would have no clue on how to start so I'm open for any...
  18. J

    Code to Link to an unknown source

    I don't know if what I want to do is possible. I have a workbook (#1 ) that I need to link to other workbooks (#2,3,4,etc.). They cell references will always be the same but the actual workbook names are completely unknown until they are received. My vision is to have a button located on #1...
  19. P

    Help with Array Range and For Each If Then Statement VBA. It works for the first line.

    I'm still really new to VBA. And this is the last portion of a long list of macros for completing data cleanup and analysis for a report. Maybe this isn't the best way to do this? I'm still new to this, so I'm open to other suggestions. But it needs to be a macro. This is basically what it...
  20. M

    Select and copy Rows

    hello all, How can i select an unknown range of rows from the second until the second before last and then copy them? Thanks

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