1. K

    Remove ODBC links to Sage SQL Server

    I have a large spreadsheet (~100 tabs) that gets data from an SQL server using SQL queries. I am about to run a Year-End on Sage (for the first time) and am concerned that this will screw-up the data in the spreadsheet. I know that I can open each Tab in turn & unlink, or Copy/Paste...
  2. S

    Paste Chart Word, PPT, as a CHART, UN-link data

    Hello all! Long time lover of Mike and Bill.. Okay.. I would like to paste a pivot table chart into Word (or PPT), BUT maintain the benefits of chart functionality AND not have the chart update each time I adjust the pivot table. FYI, I've already seen the trick here...
  3. C

    Word merge keeps old fields

    Howdy, Excel world. Here's one I haven't even seen before. I have a program that opens a Word doc, links it to a worksheet and merges. So far, kindergarten stuff. Since I have a number of different types of docs I produce daily, each with its own set of data fields, the page I link to is...
  4. T

    Unlink Formula - slow calculation

    Hi All, Let's say I have 2 xls file (test1.xls & test2.xls); and test1 file referring the value from test2 file TEST 1.xls Cell (A1) => "Test" Cell (A2) => formula: =HLOOKUP(A1,'c:\[test2.xls]sheet1'!$H$2:$CF$125,124,FALSE) Cell (B1) => "Blah" Cell (B2) => formula...
  5. G

    VBA to copy Pivot Charts and paste in Word for each page field

    I have a worksheet with four pivot charts, all with the same page field (with 99 values). I would like to copy all 99 versions of all four charts and paste them in Word as embedded objects with links broken. Is this possible?
  6. W

    Formulas/VBA: .Replace after .Copy also edits source formulas

    Hi. My problem concerns copying and pasting formulas using VBA, then using .Replace to edit the formula in the destination cells. The problem I have is that the .Replace also changes the formula in the source cells. I want only the formulas in the destination cells to be edited. The code below...

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