unlock cells on condition

  1. L

    Lock some cells in row based on value in column A

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me come up with a VBA code? I've tried a million ideas that I found on mrexcel but can't seem to get them to work. I need to unlock specific cells in a row based on a specific value in column A of the same row: If A2 = In Process, unlock B2:C2, E2, and G2:AN2 And...
  2. B

    Unlock Cell from Another cells value

    I'm appologize if this topic has been covered...I just couldn't find the right one that would work. I have an excel, where Column D is a value used in a look up for column E,F,G, and R. So when I put in 12345 it will automatically fill in the lookup values and fill in the E,F,G, and R. (duh, I...
  3. K

    Unlock Locked Cell based on another Cell Value

    I have a spread sheet that is Locked/Protected. I want to be able to unlock cell D10 based on the Value of cell C10. so if cell C10 ="Other" I want cell D10 to unlock. else then Cell D10 to remain Lock. thank You in advance
  4. K

    Unlock Locked/Protected Cell based on text from another Cell

    I Currently trying to write a code that will unlock a locked/procted cell based on data entered in another cell. below is the formula that I currently have. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) IfRange("C10") = "Other" Then Range("D10").Locked = False...
  5. C

    Locking/ Unlocking specific cells based on value

    HI! I've tried reading through different threads and sites trying to find something code that will work for me but I don't know enough (or anything) about VBA to modify them to work for what I need so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a spreadsheet set up for work that will be...
  6. J

    Help With VBA Locking Table data Column Based on Cell Value

    Greetings Excel gurus. I have run into an issue that I cant seem to resolve and I know the answer is probably simple. I am using Excel 2010 I have a spreadsheet that was built to allow users to enter data, there are two columns in the table that need to either be locked or unlocked based on...
  7. E

    VBA to create a range of non contiguous cells based on condition and then use it as Range Unlocked by password when sheet is protected

    Hi all, hope all is well. Im trying to: 1. Protect a sheet using VBA. (I got this to work) 2. Use a range created using VBA as "Range Unlocked by password when sheet is protected" (I'm not sure if this will work, maybe someone can provide comments) 3. Use VBA to create a range of non contiguous...
  8. M

    cell unlocking using VBA

    Hi can anyone help me with this and tell me where i'm going wrong please? Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()Me.Unprotect Range("D24").Locked = Range("A24").Value <> "Y" Range("D25").Locked = Range("A25").Value <> "Y" Me.Protect End Sub If A24 = "Y" i want D24 to unlock and the same with D25...
  9. K

    Unlocked cell not unlocked

    I am using excel 2007 & 2010 My worksheet is 4 pages. On page 3 I use the Sort&filters to sort info. I need some cells locked and others unlocked for data entry. Even after I select my filtered cell to be unlocked I find that when I protect the sheet even my unlocked cells are now locked. Any...
  10. I

    Sequencial validations in adjacent cells

    Hello all, Below please find the current code I am using to validate my values. Right now I have that upon entering a value in a cell it validates if it is between a certain range given by values in two cells, display a message and regardless if data valid or not locks the cell. What I...
  11. R

    Unlock Cells if Another Cell is populated

    There has been posts already on this topic, but mine is a little bit different than the others I came across and none of which have helped me. I have a workbook, which basically is acting as a form. In cell B2 of the sheet, "form" the user needs to enter a date. Once the user enters a date...
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