unprotect workbook

  1. A

    Having trouble doing a simple Replace

    Hi, I had hoped to attach the small troublesome excel file (size: A1:F374) but just discovered I do not have permission. Not sure how to demo what the problem is without attaching the file - can I be given permission please? The file has numerous zeros (0). I want to use Replace to replace all...
  2. V

    Unprotect strange behaviour

    Hi to MrExcel staff and users, As my username states, I am not a profesional programmer but rather a VBA amateure so - be gentle :) I have been struggling with a protection issue in an Excel VBA project I am doing and just can't seem to figure out what the heck is going on in my file. The...
  3. H

    unprotect sheet on all files at the same time

    If I have 100 files and each one is sheet protected how do I Run unprotect sheet on all excel files (all workbook sheets) for multiple excel files in the same folder. I want to do this without having to open each excel file and unprotect the worksheets one by one... thanks I hope this is...
  4. Aleng

    Need a code to unprotect the workbook from different workbook. help

    I have a code to remove password or unprotect sheet but not the workbook. If anyone here has some idea, please help, thank alot!;)

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