1. K

    Unprotect and Refresh Pivot Tables in a Data Model Where the Data is Being Used in Multiple Tables

    I have multiple pivot tables that are part of a data model that I want to unprotect, refresh, and reprotect. Below is the VBA Code I have so far. It isn't working. Excel gives me a message "That command cannot be performed while a protected sheet contains another PivotTable report based on...
  2. J

    Unprotect range, copy and paste range, protect range

    Hi All, I'm currently experimenting with unprotecting and protecting workbooks using VBA but have been unsuccessful in getting it to work for one of my workbooks. In row 1 which is a hidden, fully formatted blank row, I'm trying to unprotect a portion of that row (BP1:DR1), copy and paste...
  3. Z

    Loop through folder and unhide sheets on all files

    Hello! I am trying to write a macro that will loop through all files in a folder, unhide all tabs, and then save and close - i expected this to be simple but i am struggling to find anything that i can get to run! I'm not sure if the files being downloaded from sharepoint is making a difference...
  4. D

    Tipping Competition

    Hi, I am creating a 'Tipping Competition' and I want to make the Worksheets so that after a certain time nothing can be edited by Tipsters. I have managed to hide the Ribbon (so they can't unprotect the Sheet) and I can lock and protect the Sheets as needed. What I can't do is work out how to...
  5. K

    Macro to unprotect a password protected sheet

    My old computer had a macro, I unsuccessfully tried to re-create it on my new computer. My Excel worksheets are protected with a long password, I want to unprotect it with a simple macro that contains the password. When I record the macro, it doesn't capture the password. What am I doing...
  6. F

    Protect worksheet won't set the password

  7. V

    unprotect file autofill and protect with macro

    Hi I am using below formula to unprotect, autofill and protect sheet in excel however it is giving error message. Sub sbUnProtectSheet() ActiveSheet.Unprotect "9999" Set SourceRange = ActiveSheet.Range("B10:H10") Set FillRange = ActiveSheet.Range("B11:H39")...
  8. L

    unprotect with password

    Hi The code below will unprotect workbook if the user typed the right password. But when I typed wrong password, excel sent me to VBA with run time error message asking to enter the right password. How can I improve that so Excel would give an error message but stay in excel. Thank you Sub...
  9. D

    VBA to unprotect my sheet? password protected but dont have password

    I'd like to ask for VBA to unprotect my sheet, cells i cant write to, password protected but dont have password.
  10. H

    Can I PREVENT a user from protecting a sheet

    Is it possible via VBA to prevent a user from protecting a sheet? Why would I want this? I have a large spreadsheet that is locked down in every way with password protection at the sheet & workbook level - apart from 3 sheets that the users can do what they want with - they are unprotected...
  11. N

    Macro unprotect and protect sheet

    I have sheet "A" with shapes which updates when changes is made in sheet "B". I need to protect sheet "A" since no one touch the shapes. The problem is that since sheet "A" is protected, updates fail. I need a macro that unprotect the sheet, then update and then protect the sheet again. Is this...
  12. C

    Want to unprotect multiple sheets then protect after this code

    Hi All, I made this code using recording. It seems sloppy. I need protect and unprotect BUT.....if you gurus see a better way to write this whole thing......you know what...I'll take it! Basically, the macro is this, copying row 7 from sheet 4 pasting row 7 into row 7 into sheet 3 copying info...
  13. A

    Worksheet Protection

    Hello folks, I have a worksheet that needs to be shared with other members of staff. The spreadsheet has been set up to have edit ranges that allow myself to edit the full spreadsheet and all other users to edit only portions of the sheet. The sheet is protected and shared to the other users...
  14. W

    unprotect sheet based on user

    Is ther anyway I cn automate a spredsheet to unprotect based on teh profile name of the system user so there is no actual user interaction?
  15. E

    VBA locking sheets password error

    I wrote some code to protect all my sheets at once with a password and it works great when executed with F5. when I try to unprotect the sheets manually with the same password I get the error message: "The password you supplies is not correct. Verify that the CAPS LOCK key is off and be sure to...
  16. H

    convert VBA to vb.net or VB6

    I have a simple module that calls a form to allow the user to select a row that sets a header filter and colors. I am trying to figure out how to convert this to vb.net or vb6 so it can be compiled. All the documentation I found is from 2005 visual studio and it doesn't work in visual studio...
  17. C

    Removing worksheet protection from multiple workbooks

    Hi Everyone, Im hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have a large selection of excel files within folders that I need to process. Some files have protected worksheets and some don't I have the password required but Im trying to find a way that I can get a macro to go through all the...
  18. O

    Disable Control in Tab

    HI I am using Office 2016 I want to disable unprotect sheet or unprotect workbook option when someone open this protected workbook.. how can i do it?? thanks in advance
  19. S

    Unprotect Sheets - Multiple Passwords - VBA

    So I have a workbook with 100+ sheets. The sheets are protected and use either one of two different passwords. I need a way to unprotect all of the sheets cycling through the two different passwords if one or the other fail to unprotect the worksheet. I don't know which sheets are using which...
  20. M

    VBA Unprotect not working - sometimes

    I'm having some problems with the .Unprotect code not working as I expect. Here's what's going on. I have a workbook that when it closes, it saves two JPG images of a portion of the spreadsheet to use on a status board (via screen saver). To do this I found a bit of code that creates a Chart...

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