unreadable content

  1. D

    File always opens with the same repairs

    I have an xlsm file that, for reasons I can not understand, opens with the message: "We found a problem with some content in FILENAME.xlsm. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can?" I choose yes and the workbook opens with the following repairs message: Excel was able to open the...
  2. F

    Unreadable Content Error

    I need some help troubleshooting an error. I have an spreadsheet with some code and it runs with no errors. I saved it and opened it the next day and got the "Excel found unreadable content. do you want to recover the contents?". It then states "Removed Records: Sorting from...
  3. E

    Compatibility Issue with MS Excel 2013

    I used to prepare dashboard in Excel 2007, just got 2013 and added one month's data into it, wherein I did not use any unique feature of Excel 13, this worked well on Laptop. Problem occurred after publishing it worldwide, my colleagues who have Excel 2007, they are getting following error...
  4. S

    Excel Unreadable Error Message

    Hi All! I have been working on an Excel file for a while now (It is chalk full of VBA and other good stuff thanks to the good people on this site), but I've run across a fairly (up until now) unsolvable problem. When I open up the file, occasionally the file will state "Excel has found...
  5. A

    VBA/Word picture content control causing unreadable content

    I am using VBA to create a word document (.docx). This word document contains plain text content controls as well as picture content controls. I then use VBA to automatically select a picture based on the code below Set oCC =...
  6. O

    Unreadable content fix

    Hi All. I have a workbook with many macros, userforms etc. Occassionally, when I open the workbook I get the "this workbook contains unreadable content" warning. Excel then 'repairs' the workbook and it all works fine. The odd thing is that the message of what's been fixed is always the...
  7. Snakehips

    'Unreadable Content Error' -- Please Help

    I apologise if this is a bit long-winded, but can anybody explain the following? I have a large Excel 2007 workbook that is highly automated using vba. Over the last two years the file has been used successfully and develped on an ongoing basis. I do all the automation on PC - A, running XP...
  8. A

    dismiss prompts

    Is there a way using VBA to dismiss prompts that excel automatically produces each time a file is opened? For some reason "which I have no idea why" when I open my VBA project file from an online storage site I receive the following Excel messages: If I Click "Yes" then I am presented with...
  9. V

    Sort Problem: Unreadable Content

    I am getting this message come up often when I open my workbook:"Excel found unreadable content in 'mybook.xlsm'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes."I click Yes and get another dialog box with the following...
  10. A

    Excel 2007 Conversion Problem

    Hello, I have had a massive excel spreadsheet (22.6 MB) with lots of macros, etc for a couple years now. Although I have Microsoft Excel 2007, I have been saving the file in Excel 97-2003 so people in my office that havent upgraded can access the file. Everyone in my office converted to the...
  11. A

    "excel found unreadable content" ....

    Was there ever a determination as to what is happening with the error that "Excel found unreadable content"? :confused: I have a spread about 10-12MB in size and it travels with me on a USB, between work and home (Win XP/SP3). Several times now, over the last year, the file has suddenly come...

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